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Wyrmland is a peninsular to the extreme north of the continent of Aarda in the world of Droomalithia. It is difficult to reach from anywhere in Aarda because of thick clouds that prevent magical travel and huge mountain ranges that completely encircle it apart from one difficult pass continually guarded by three servants of Bahamut.

Wyrmland is an ancient breeding ground for all dragons and is controlled by the dragon deities from all over the multiverse. The ancient dragons of all types are the physical guardians of Droomalithia and it is they who keep the world safe from outer planar influences.

The land itself has many regions and is covered with all manner of ancient and fey creatures, including great lizards of yore and magical monsters of almost every shape and size. There are more dragons here than in any other part of the universe and there is constant battle and upheaval within the land.

Not many people have visited this land although it is rumoured that there are pockets of humanoids living within the confines of the place. Whether these rumours are true has never been proved but some sages think that if they are true then these civilizations must exist as food for the draconic denizens who rule the area.

Entry to Wyrmland is through a portal in the fireplace at the back of a large hall in the Old Dwarven Forge in Gitriban, the Githyanki Community in The Guildward of Sigil.

More information in The Village of Denn

When the Heart of the Dracolich is retrieved the Questors will meet the Exarch of Bahamut.

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