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The Faces of Divinity is a D&D 3.5 Lev 13 Plus Campaign that starts in Sigil and consists of a Mighty Quest, incorporating Divine Missions on different planes cojoined to the Primordial Chaotic Temples of Shimring, through which the party will travel.

Behind every mission in this campaign is the single grandmaster plot. This is unknown to all mortals and most deities. Only at the final stage of the campaign will the Questors become fully aware. It is this plot thread that prompts The Lady of Pain to awaken The Droomalith. The Droomalith guides the Questors to this end through the Primordial Power Temples of Shimring, fulfilling the PROPHECY OF SIGIL and intertwining three main plots into the thread. All plots deal directly with Deities and are of universal significance.

The Questors are further challenged by the fact that all of the quests can only be completed by the use of an immensely powerful artefact, the Heart of the Dracolich, which enables cojoining of quested planes with the Temples of Primordial Power based in Shimring. This brings further danger in the form of Primordial Power effects arising from suppressed Chaotic malevolence latent within the temples, affecting the Questors but not their adversaries. See Temples of Primordial Power and their effects.

The Questors must obtain the Heart of the Dracolich from Wyrmland and then travel through the Primordial Power Temples of Astaroth, Savandem and Grneekle, before crossing to the Isle of Horus to complete their quest.

In the End, six Final Questors completed the above three tasks and went on to successfully complete the Final Task of Capturing the Earthgod Set so that he could be removed from Earth for the Droomalith’s Earth Experiment to begin, in which magic and Gods were removed and SCIENTIFIC KNOWLEDGE introduced.


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