The Underdark

The Drow Cities:

  • Valsharess Zenphe (Queen’s Chamber) – largest city in a huge grotto 100 miles away from Olath Jess, Elkintra’s home town.
  • Lanke Darla (Lake Town) – a busy city on the shores of an underground lake, 150 miles away from Olath Jess, and closest to Tharadokk, the great Dwarven Trading City.
  • Olath Jess (Dark Fang) is Elkintra’s home city, built into a gigantic stalagtite. It is the smallest and most remote of the three major cities, and also the base of House Duskryn.

According to Elkintra Rilyn Duskryn, the Underdark is dominated by three major Drow Cities. Politically, the dominant Ruling House is House Baenre, based in Valsharess Zenphe (Duskryn is the eighth house). Political structure is matriarchal, heavily supported by the dominant religion of Lolth. Elkintra is a follower of the revivalist sect of Vhaeraun, the DEAD GOD having been brought back to life by the actions of the Shimring Questors and enjoying renewed worhip by some males within the Drow cities in opposition to the matriarchal dominance of Lolth. It is highly occulted and Elkintra knows of only a few Drow he can trust.

Other Undercities:

  • Tharadokk (the Dwarven City) – major trading city; the hub of trade relations between the surface and Underkiln.
  • Snivelgarth (the Duergar City) – fortress city deep in Underkiln.

According to Elkintra, there are other two major cities in Underkiln; The Drow have good trading relations with both of them. There is not much communication with the surface of Kileana and most Drow trade – or trade period for that matter – with the surface is done indirectly through the Dwarven City of Tharadokk.

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The Underdark

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