The Spite of Yllach-Kara-Hilch

Yllach kara hilch

There is little so repugnant in the nether multiverse as a thwarted yochlol and Yllach-Kara-Hilch was no mere yochlol! She was the High Yochlol of Lolth – most favoured handservant of the Dark Queen – and she did not compliment rebuffal with grace. Not even from The Droomalith!

All deities participating in the Quests of the Droomalith were bound by rules but rules were not something generally that yochlols abided by. So, even at the beginning of the Quest, when she sent her servant, Eclavdra, to utterly destroy a whole colony of sea elves in the shallow waters of a strange blue world, she was scheming. For most of the time throughout the three quests of Eclavdra’s task force, she was powerless to intervene but all the while she lusted after the power that she would gain upon entrance to the viewing chamber of Horus.

When this was denied to her by a cruel quirk of fate, she was glad that she had formed ancient alliances with with her old fungal friend, Zuggtmoy, and glad that she had extracted knowledge of time spells from the tortured lich, Kaelias Darkwhynde, whose soul had been consumed by Lolth. She rejoiced that she had harnessed some of the Chaotic Power of the Elder Gods and timed her vengeful blow with deft precision. Not even the Droomalith himself could prevent it, being so very occupied by the Dracolich’s increasing powers.

Yllach-Kara-Hilch spat slime at the the Droomalith’s planetar, Divinia Scent, when she closed the door on her but inwardly she grinned, for she knew she had prepared a little surprise for the Droomalith’s ‘precious’ questors. Six fearsome hunters travelled into Shimring across the sea, even as the Questors feasted with the fat gnome, Ahab. This time they would know the meaning of death…

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The Spite of Yllach-Kara-Hilch

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