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The Lady of Pain doesn’t live here but most of the richest citizens of Sigil do. It is therefore a place of opulence and great prestige and houses most of the temples, as well as the Prison and the Library.

The Tower of the Prophet

Celestial Eye

This is a temple with direct links to the upper layers of Mount Celestia through the Celestial Eye of the Prophet, a powerful construct that can use divine power to create prophesies for those deemed deserving. The Tower is run by Warden Archons, Humbart and Grenata, who have both served over 15 years and will remember the party that helped to thwart the Council of Demons.

The Library of The Lady

The Lady of Pain is a figure of mystery in Sigil and she does not allow herself to be worshipped. Still, the pilgrims, refugees and exiles who come to Sigil are grateful to her for her protection and as a gesture of thanks, many give books, scrolls or cash to the Library, such that it is one of the finest collections of knowledge in the multiverse. And what’s more, it is open to all inhabitants of Sigil. There are just three rules:

  • Books do not circulate
  • Books must not be harmed
  • Violence, running or vandalism is not allowed.
  • The Dabus are violently opposed to any who break these rules and punishments range from immediate and permanent expulsion to soul imprisonment for terms decided by The Lady, during which the souless husk of the perpetrator is put to good use stacking shelves in the Library.

    Apart from the Dabus, there are also specialist guards that keep watch over the library, these being “The Warrior who does not Exist” and “The Night Watchman.” Books can be copied with permission and some non destructive divination spells are permitted. Read Magic is permitted and in some areas, Silence spells are also permitted.

    Church of the Sun

    Jezrab and Sugar have visited here once and met with Low Priest Sunshine. He seemed quite friendly and open but not very willing to do much business after dark. You will hear that the church is not very wealthy as there really are not many Sun Worshippers in Sigil. Merrick Johnstone says that the priest is quite an honourable man, although not of the same religious persuasion as himself. (The Church of the Sun is Neutral and accepts both Neutral Good and Neutral Evil worshippers).

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