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Many locals claim that the Hive isn’t a ward so much as it’s the lack of a ward. The name for the regions between the Lower Ward and the Clerk’s Ward and for the chaotic, sprawling slum in its centre, the Hive teems with all kinds of scum. The lowest of the low dwell in the Hive: those who can’t afford (or don’t dare) to rub elbows with the more fortunate folks. The Hive is a microcosm of Sigil itself, encompassing everything that is needed in daily life: from pawnbrokers to sellswords. The quality may be questionable, but the prices can’t be beat. The Gatehouse Nightmarket offers nearly everything one could find in the Grand Bazaar (and a few things one couldn’t), though it’s best not to think too hard about where the goods came from.

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The Hive

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