The Healing Halls of Ilmater








Sharni looked out across the long hall at the various Devas and other lesser deities administering help and relief to the suffering souls who had recently been accepted into his Lord’s house. With a nod of approval at one enquiring Deva attending to a man so broken he could have died many times over, Sharni strode out across the room to an adjoining room where Devas in groups were being tutored by Planetars of varying rank. Occasionally one of these planetars would rise and approach a long bench attended by three Solars in meditation and careful consideration. There they would put forward a point discussed by their tutor group that did not seem to resolve. The three Solars would then discuss together telepathically before delivering an answer for the waiting Planetar to take back to his discussion group. It generally took an age, but this was the way of things in Ilmater’s House.

Sharni waited for one such exchange – a mere few moments, that might be hundreds of years in a mortal’s life – before sending a telepathic message to his friend and colleague, Seratina, the only female form of the three. With her eyes, she motioned to the garden and so Sharni made his way there, stopping to heal a small creature that had become trapped under a fallen fruit. Seratina entered the garden with a smile.

Seratina: My Good Friend, it has been many moments of time since we last spoke. How fare thee in the Halls of Healing?
Sharni: All is good. Are you still debating the merits of The Plea of Rest and your treatment of the errant Saints?
Seratina: Ha! As ever, Brother, as ever…..
Sharni: I am glad to see such anguish remains utmost in your mind. Perhaps you can help relieve some in mine.
Seratina: I would be glad to contemplate anything that troubled you, my friend.
Sharni: My Lord Ilmater has ordered that I nominate one of our young Saints to represent us in the mission in Droomalithia.
Seratina: I knew Our Lord would consent to His involvement. There would be too much suffering were the Quest to fail. It is right that we have investment in such a cause, even though it concerns us little in Toril.
Sharni: Not so little, I fear. Events in Savandem will have an impact on many, and it is whispered that Gond himself may visit Toril soon. Yet it is true that the message in the clouds concerns a world far removed from our usual concerns. My concern is over the young Saint I have chosen.
Seratina: The Traveller?
Sharni: You know?
Seratina: I have many ears.
Sharni: Indeed. It is a difficult road for one of our Brethren. The Clouds of Shimring impose many limitations on a saintly emmissary.
Seratina: Yet he knows the Scriptures. He will know the suffering of our Lord and take heart in it. Limitations imposed on the Divine Island are as grass cuts to our Brethren. He will endure.
Sharni: Yes, I am sure he will. Thank you for your assurances, Friend.
Seratina: Elgarron has also blessed his token of tears. He shall endure. The Quest is too important for one of our Brethren to fail, and you have made an excellent choice, Brother. But I hear I am called once again. Will you visit again soon?
Sharni: Indeed I shall, and mayhap I will have more to tell of our pilgrim’s progress.
Seratina: I look forward to it.

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The Healing Halls of Ilmater

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