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The Demonweb is the Abyssal Home of all Drow Gods. It is primarily presided over by the Deity, Lolth, the Spider Queen, but is also influenced and sometimes inhabited by other deities of the Drow Pantheon, including Ghaunadaur, Selvetarm, Vhaeraun and Eilistraee.

The 66th Plane of the Abyss, more commonly known as The Demonweb, is an infinitely large place of varying description. The most commonly known areas are made of huge strands of web that connect various stations in the darkness. These stations range in size from small stone rooms to cities and areas pulled into the Demonweb from other planes by Lolth and her most loyal followers. There are sometimes portals at these stations and the webs holding them together are generally hollow tubes of 20’ diameter that can be travelled through by foot. This webbing is slightly adhesive on the inside but does not prevent movement and allows for a DC10 climb on its walls. The webbing is immune to fire, cold and electricity and has Hardness10, Hit Points20 for each 5’ section. The outside of these webs is stickier (DC15 strength check each round to move) and surrounded by void. Any character that falls through has a good chance of being caught by another web, but may have travelled hundreds of feet from their original position. There are many other serious dangers in this void.

Below all of this lies the Soul Fog that seals off the Demonweb Pits, where Lolth herself dwells. Any creature coming in contact with this fog must make a DC22 Fortitude save or have their soul forever taken by Lolth. Travel within the Demonweb Pits is usually by means of the web strands and/or portals.

In most areas of Lolth’s realm, the passageways and rooms are regularly patrolled by Elite Drow soldiers and in some rooms there are other guardians, as well as fiendish allies from other layers of the abyss.

The areas belonging to the other Drow deities are said to be different in many ways but generally the planar traits are constant throughout.

Teleportation is not possible in the Demonweb. Likewise Dimension Door, Dimension Hop, etc are not possible.

  • Entry in and out of the Demonweb is by Portals ONLY: Planeshift, Astral Travel, etc. are not possible. Travel between Portals within the Demonweb must be accomplished with the use of special keys made for this purpose, typically Iron Pyramids, Silver Spheres, Bronze Stars and Blue Crystal Cubes.

  • Planar Traits: All good creatures suffer -1 to all Attack and Save Rolls, all lawful creatures suffer -1 to all Attack and Save Rolls. This stacks so that LG creatures suffer -2
  • All Charisma based rolls of Lawful Creatures are at -2. All Charisma based rolls of Good Creatures are at -2. This stacks so that LG creature’s charisma based rolls are at -4.
  • Some magic is enhanced. Evil or Chaotic spells are cast at DOUBLE caster level
    Web spells fill twice the area they normally would
  • Saves against poison have a DC+3
  • Evil creatures heal at twice the normal rate
  • Other effects may occur near Magical Nodes of Chaotic Energy.

    No characters now playing were part of the original DEMONWEB campaign so assume that all this knowledge is gained through combined Planar Knowledge rolls of party. You may also draw from memories of the last campaign via stories told to you by Grunthy, Pelius and Zahariel.

    For other information gained through Divine Inspiration, see Genesis

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