The Dabus








This tall, slender humanoid floats along just above the ground. It wears long robes and carries a hammer in its hand. It passes another of its kind and exchanges what appears to be a greeting. The air above the heads of both beings fills with pictures of objects which, if their names were spoken in succession, would form words.

Servants of the Lady of Pain, the dabus band together to form silent legions that keep Sigil operating and enforce the Lady’s will. The dabus do not seek out comabt becasue destruction is not their purpose. Still, avoiding combat is not always possible in a city such as Sigil, so the dabus are perfectly willing to fight if they must. But since they have no special attack of any kind, they fight only with swords, or with the hand axes or hammers that they carry.

If the PCs ever kill a dabus or act against Sigil’s interests, cadre of dabus will attempt to imprison them during the next night, calling upon servants of The Sons of Mercy to aid them. Mass killing of dabus will probably ellicit a reaction from the Lady of Pain herself.

The dabus can be found throughout the city, continually repairing buildings, cutting away overgrowths of razorvine and generally tending to the city’s needs.

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The Dabus

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