Divinia scent

In an astral bubble created by the Droomalith and mysteriously associated with the Isle of Horus, so that its very confines are made of Dragonshard moulded from the essence of the Mighty Dracolich himself, Divinia Scent, Prime Solar of the Droomalith, is host to four deific beings called by special invitation to attend the viewing chamber of Horus.

The highest ranking of these, Olidammara, God of Music, Humour and Tricks of the realm of Ysgard lies sprawled on a couch, a full goblet of wine in his hand and The Kantele of the Laughing Rogue at his side. But he is not asleep. Divinia knows this because he has just snorted in derision at a private conversation between Crystallus Ethene, High Planetar of Boccob, and Lucidius Affron, High Planetar of Pelor. The second highest ranked, Augustus Lotharian, High Solar of Gond sits quietly, awaiting the words of Divinia Scent with earnest anticipation. He smiles as he hears the derisive snort of Olidammara, but says nothing in response.

Divinia Scent had just refused entry to Illach-Kara-Hilch, High Yochlol of Araunshee and is still feeling slightly sickened by the vehemence of that Deity’s response. Already a ripple of Divine Power had just broken the sealed membrane of the Droomalith in Grneekle such that Divinia knew an unplanned event would now occur. No matter, the Final Quest of the Droomalith must continue.

Divinia Scent: So the Council of Horus is decided. Lord Olidammara, it is a great blessing to have you attend here in person. To my other Lords, the Droomalith bids thee welcome.
Crystallus Ethene: Hostess Divinia, it is our honour. Already I can report that Mystra has withdrawn the Weave from the young world as requested by the Droomalith. It is already in a plane of its own.
Lucidius Affron: And my Lord Ra and his fellow Deities have left on the Starship Sunhillow never to return to that place.
Olidammara: …a cause for great rejoicing!
Augustus Lotharian: The Weavewarp has caused a stellar eruption through which my Lord Gond even now attends to matters in Toril. Contact with your Questors is imminent.
Divinia Scent: Then all is well. My Lord Olidammara, you have not made your move.
Olidammara: No need. I shall make it later. Libation is my most pressing demand right now. This wine is good. And I think there is something you have not foreseen…
Divinia Scent: Ever so shrewd, My Lord.
Crystallus Ethene: I also sense danger still. What is the nature of the Guardian of Horus?
Divinia Scent: My Lord Ethene, I am the Guardian of Horus.
Crystallus Ethene: Then the danger must be near Grneekle.
Lucidius Affron: Darkness within Light?
Olidammara: You Old Guys will just never understand Lolth, will you?
Divinia Scent: Only on Horus can we see, My Lord Olidammara. What occurs before that time only YOU can attend to.
Olidammara: But I am drinking wine.
Divinia Scent: Indeed! Let us wait then….

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