Shimring is an obscure island in the south eastern corner of the world of Droomalithia, about 1000 miles from the world’s main continent of Aarda. Although the island has a definite shape and form, it can be transformed at any time by the Droomalith, who uses it as a place to play out trials and tests between important mortals whenever there is monumental change in the multiverse.

As with all of Droomalithia, it is guarded by the Great Dragon Deities of the Universe and the Planar Passage to Wyrmland is only accessed by a Portal controlled by the Lady of Pain and continually guarded by the Guardians of the Gates – a group of metallic dragons ruled by Irthossalur.

The physical island of Shimring is guarded by the great ancient dragons of Wyrmland. It is said to be constructed of the bones of the Dracolich – the remains of the most ancient wyrm of all. Furthermore, it is told that when The Droomalith awakes, the Dracolich stirs, which may account to some degree for the physical changes that often occur on Shimring when this happens.

Legend has it that in all trials started or presented by the Droomalith, the Dracolich’s heart is ripped from its being and only when the heart is placed in the Sacred Oval of Henge can the island rest and the Droomalith return to sleep. Some say that the Heart of the Dracolich is just a metaphor for whatever quest the Droomalith has devised for its participants but others believe that it is a physical object that must be placed within the Sacred Circle.

Ancient Lore tells us that the bones of the dracolich are mixed with the fluids of primordial gods and that the physical nature of Shimring is as old as anything in the universe. So, although the exact nature of the land is subject to change, there are usually direct links to powers more ancient than even the Gods and Deities of the time.

The creation of Shimring and the Droomalith’s suppressing of the Dracolich at the time before the great imprisonment of the Primordials was an explosive event during which small magically charged bone fragments of the dracolich were scattered throughout the universe. See SHIMRING DRAGONSHARDS below.

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