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Lucidius Affron, High Solar of Pelor had never before visited the Library of Lore and he was not accustomed to the comparative darkness of its chambers – a darkness that would be light to any mortal but shaded compared to the Eternal Brilliance of his natural home in the Fortress of the Sun. He had been instructed to converse with The Keeper of the Book of Oerth, a book that created time and events as its pages were turned; and he had been sitting with the erudite Planetar, Crystallus Ethene, for what seemed like the length of an Angel’s tear.

Lucidius: What do you read, Crystallus? My Planetars tell me of great underground movement in Oerth, yet Iuz remains hidden.
Crystallus: He is a crafty one, that Old Man. He allies himself with Nerull.
Lucidius: Against Greyhawk?
Crystallus: The city will fall. They have not the strength and are ill prepared to deal with Iuz’s power.
Lucidius: He uses mortals?
Crystallus: And Demon Lords, Drow, Undead. He twists even the mind of the Illithidium. Your priests are bent on their own mission. They do not realise Iuz’s power. Even now they sit with a small force of men, serving a parcel of rogues. Only Anorak knows of the Chosen Ones.
Lucidius: My Lord Pelor tells me The Chosen have changed.
Crystallus: They have, my Brother, and Droomalithia enters the story. See this sentence where I hold my finger – it is the crux. Either Droomalithia shall appear as a full stop or a comma, and the actions of the Chosen Ones will determine this.
Lucidius: Already one of them is at my Master’s Door.
Crystallus: Then we must hope that the others can contend with the Servants of Iuz and Nerull, for the very continuation of Greyhawk lies in their hands.
Lucidius: I see their predicament. Their Priestess is annulled and they are beset on by two very different types. Perhaps if they employed the tactics of their adversaries, they would disrupt the strategy of the the two Evil Clerics. One of them has capability for Dimension Travel but he knows yet not where to direct himself. If he did, he might force the hand of their enemy.
Crystallus: Do you also see the statue that glows with Divine Magic?
Lucidius: Blessing of Nerull! The female cleric will die and rise again. Let’s hope that bard heals as well as he sings.

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Savandem Behind the Divine Curtain

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