Viewing chamber of horus

In the viewing room of Horus, five deities stand around a circular balcony that looks onto the Isle of Horus down below. Fluffy white clouds pass over the green lands gently in a cool autumnal breeze. As they stare into the arena a small shape flies slowly into view from the edge of their vision. Far away it seems, but as it approaches the centre of the viewing chamber it flies closer until its shape reveals itself to be a venerable gold dragon, whose size increases dramatically as it flies upwards towards the God’s Window. Eventually it hovers beneath the window and pokes its head into the room to speak to those that watch, but directing its words to Divinia Scent, Prime Solar of the Droomalith.

“Milady, I can report that the Questors are ready. During the night they rested but were attacked by those we were commanded by the Droomalith to spare – six astral stalkers on a carpet of flying. My Lord Affron, you will no doubt be aware that your servant who was killed has now been resurrected.” Lucidius Affron, High Planetar of Pelor, raised an eybrow and glanced at the deities Ethene and Lotharian contritely, as if to apologise for not revealing what he knew.

“I could not see much of the battle as it took place within the cave,” the dragon continued, “but I believe the questors were aided in some way by….” Suddenly, the great dragon seemed to recognise the form of Olidammara, who had been turned away from the portal while refilling his goblet of wine, but now turned back and looked directly at the old dragon, smiling.

“My Lord Olidammara, a thousand pardons. I did not know you were here.”

“Well, now you do, Ventrixicus, my young friend. When are you going to leave the skies of Shimring and take me for a ride?”

“My Lord, you know I cannot….”

“Too bad, you would enjoy the free skies of Oerth if ever you were to return there.”

“My Lord Olidimmara, you seem to know something of what has occurred in that area presently occulted to us,” said the female Solar as the other three male deities looked on, puzzled. “Pray tell!”

“My Dearest Divinia, unlike your other friends here, I partake in the music of dreams and thus know the mind of your Droomalith better than you think I do. We shared a song some time back and forged a small deal, which is why I am here earlier than any of your other Gods. The Servant of Lolth was always going to thwart your plans. They just don’t play by the rules, and pardon my candour, but they are just too sneaky for the likes of you.”

Olidammara drained his cup with a loud slurp and burped. “Suffice to say, the Questors’ entrance to Horus is now secure. Personally, I feel my own servant could have handled the situation without my help but in matters of great multiversal significance, one wishes to be 100% certain. And of course, obligations owed to The Droomalith should always be met.”

“I think this is a time we should all rejoice, my fellows,” the Laughing Rogue continued, while quickly filling up the goblets of all present from a new gourd miraculously plucked out of the air.

“My Lord Olidimmara, for once I agree. Drink up, Gentlemen. But I shall join you later. First I must meet with the questors." With that, Divinia Scent, Guardian of Horus, thanked the dragon, Ventrixucus, and disappeared!

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