During the anniversary feast of the Questors, a portal opened and Pelius stepped through, removing an intertwined chain from an Elven statue in repose. No magic could determine the nature of this chain, so the Questors went and sought advice in the form of divine prophecy. Read how this occurred in their visit to The Celestial Eye.

Those who choose to take the chains are chosen for a quest,

  • The Droomalith awakes and by your quest’s completion must be put to rest.
  • The Heart of the Dracolich from Wyrmland must be taken
  • by its wielding, Planar Bounds are shaken!

    Fly to Shimring, enter temples: Astaroth, Savandem and Grneekle.
  • Each Chaotic Temple channels events and lead to the Divine.
  • The Dragon Lord shall show the way through Astaroth
  • Find the Living god and by his imprisonment save many people.

    The Heart of the Dracolich forces the God to reveal the secret way
  • Through Savandem and a cojoined plane, find the darkest place,
  • Find a Dark Ally, Call back to yourselves, empower the chains and flee!
  • But first ask the Waking God for the name of the place you need to be.

    Look to the stars and be ready to act, follow the signs and enter;
  • In Good and Evil’s constant battle, Grneekle will be centre.
  • The Maker will remake his tools, and even give direction.
  • Leave the land and cross the sea to find the cause of your selection.

    The fates of many worlds are by the Dracolich’s rising sealed,
  • On Horus find but one last test and all shall be revealed

    - Prophesy of the Celestial Eye
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