Preparation for the Capture of Cthulhu

And so Boccob looked into Mystra’s deep seductive eyes and he saw himself; and Mystra looked into the learned eyes of Boccob and she saw that they were one, and by this fact their power had grown and it was unity that was needed to defeat the Old Ones.








To their left were the two brothers, Hextor and Heironeous. Fierce and warlike, together they would lead the battallions of Hosts which mortals would later call Angels and Devils. Together, they called themselves Athena, warrior Goddess of the Blessed Earth. And they shone under the Light of Ra, whom some called Pelor.

Even some of the Chaotics were with them – Correllan Larethian and the beautiful Araushnee, for they saw that the Old Ones limited their power and would have their own children, the Elves, saved from the horror of Cthulhu, whom some called Tharizdun.

The Weave was drawn in and placed into the hands of Gond, who constructed a mighty chain, interwoven in three chains of Gold, Silver and Bronze. Each of these were given its own magical properties but together they would be of such immense power that in the right hands, they could entrap any Deity, even one so powerful as Cthulhu.

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Preparation for the Capture of Cthulhu

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