On the Slopes of Olympus








On a grassy knoll on the majestic sweeps of the lower foothills of Olympus a group of divine beings sit in a circle laughing and singing. As children they seem, and with the wind of joy in their faces and their hair, they smile at each other as they listen to the music of a lyre played by Tarquin the Tangible, Monavic Deva of Lliira. He turns to one of the maidens, a slender young maiden with a circlet of gold supporting a single ruby on her forehead. She is Aullevia, Planetar of Lliira, and her voice is reknowned on the slopes of Olympus.

Tarquin: Sing us a song of the Free People of the Mortal World, Aullevia.
Aullevia: The peoples of the mortal world are many. Which ones would you hear of today?
Tarquin: Sing to us of gnomes, those industrious makers of things.
Aullevia: I shall sing to you of a gnome that I know. A singer, a healer, a Questor of great deeds.
Tarquin: In which world does he live?
Aullevia: In many worlds, for he is an astral traveller and portal jaunter too.
Tarquin: Does he serve our Lady Lliira?
Aullevia: More than you can guess, my dear Tarquin, for he treads a path through Droomalithia.
Tarquin: A Shimring Questor then?
Aullevia: Indeed. Noble and gentle he is, yet not afraid to perform the Dance of Death. But dark indeed are his days ahead for he travels into the Demonweb.
Tarquin: My heart aches for him, Milady. Will he endure.
Aullevia: The thoughts of our Lady are with him.
Tarquin: Then you shall sing him a song that will give him strength to endure the darkness and success on his mission. Does he travel alone?
Aullevia: No, he has friends.
Tarquin: Then may his songs grant them strength too, to complete his quest and bring yet more joy to the world. Sing Milady!

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On the Slopes of Olympus

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