On the Peaks of Celestia








Aristelle and Telemakis, Solars of the mighty Torm, sit atop their silver balcony overlooking all Celestia. Down below, in the verdant valleys, peaceful life is guarded by the staunch diligence of such divine beings. They are masters of Loyalty and Truth and are supreme commanders in the armies of Torm that guard also the world of Toril. In the years that they have served their master, they have seen him rise through the ranks of the Court of Tyr, have seen him die at the Hands of Bane, and have also seen him resurrected by Ao, the Supreme Being of Toril.

Now they look out for the Lord Torm, who has taken to the sky on the back of his mighty dragon steed, with only his greatsword, Duty’s Bond, at his side.

Aristelle: He rides alot in those clouds lately.
Telemakis: And each time he returns, he seems stronger, and more nourished. More resolved. More knowledgable even. Does he speak to the clouds himself, Aristelle?
Aristelle: He told me he speaks in dreams within the clouds of Droomalithia.
Telemakis: Droomalithia! So that is why I was asked to guide his servant, Keoghen, and take him to Sigil.
Aristelle: So our servant is one of the Questors then?
Telemakis: It would seem Faerun has a stake in whatever the Droomalith devises. Has my Lord Torm told you any more of this?
Aristelle: He would have greater influence in Faerun, and the Droomalith has concerns here too.
Telemakis: And my Lord Torm has told you what these are?
Aristelle: He has told me only that Gond too is involved.
Telemakis: The Droomalith’s Quest must be mighty indeed. Several times our faithful servant has called for aid.
Aristelle: His need must be great. I know this Sir Keoghen. He would not easily ask for such aid.
Telemakis: Yet he must. Or I cannot give it. Even then, my power is limited. It is the way of the Droomalith.
Aristelle: Where are the Questors now?
Telemakis: In the Temple of Astaroth. That is all I know. But I sense they approach someone very mighty indeed.
Aristelle: Look! My Lord Torm returns.
Telemakis: We shall speak of this later. I’m sure my Lord Torm will have other duties for us this day.

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On the Peaks of Celestia

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