Later in the Fortress of the Sun

As the Questors continue to struggle in Savandem, in the Fortress of the Sun a new decree is passed down the ranks of Pelor by High Solar Lucidius Affron:

“As a boon in return for the Lord Pelor’s support of the Droomalith Quest a Divine Intervention has been granted. Komus, the cries of your servant Quintine Excavar have been heard. She will be withdrawn, healed and restored and returned to Greyhawk in great honour once more to serve her master, Anorak Gray.

Komus, you yourself will be rewarded by sitting at my table for the duration of the Quest. Brother Elrick, your work is much appreciated. In addition to your servant Aibron, you are now also given responsibility of warding your servant Pelius, who returns to Savandem in Excavar’s place."

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Later in the Fortress of the Sun

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