Knowledge of The Heart

This is what you know of the Heart of the Dracolich so far:

The Brass Dragons can tell you that it is a powerful artifact enabling coexistant planes in the Primordial Temples of Shimring (Astaroth, Savandem, Grneekle) and the activation of the Dracolich if placed in the Holy Oval of Henge, when charged with three successful quests from each of the Primordial Temples.

It is made in essence from the Heart of the Original Wyrm and was crafted by the Droomalith with the aid of Gond and Mystra.

It usually appears as a very large ruby, but when touched by a Chosen Questor of the Droomalith, it becomes one with the carrier, conferring certain powers:

  • Telepathy 200’
  • True Seeing 120’ (once per day)
  • +5 Initiative increase to the carrier
  • Alignment of Absolute Neutral
  • Speak and understand ALL languages
  • Use of Three Primordial Power words per Temple visit – these open and close coexistant planes and have effects on Deities.

    Falek Grange was the first self appointed carrier, which only death could undo. Since Falek died in his attempt to overcome the Temple Guardian of Astaroth, the “ownership” of the HEART has been taken up by Tippit.

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  • Knowledge of The Heart

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