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Monadic Deva, Lapus Azuli, and his angelic colleague, Emeraldus Verdinnium, had been secluded in a secret room in one of the many towers of the Library of Lore under strict instructions of the Planetar, Crystallus Ethene. All they had been told was that their study was on the direct order of Boccob, who was elsewhere gathering information for the Library.

Their task had been to study a particular comma in one of the passages of a tome brought to them by one of the lesser Archons residing near the library. For many mortal years they had studied this punctuation in time depicting an event in a land called The Flaenness, centred near the famous City of Greyhawk.

They had discovered that the comma represented a group of adventurers and that within its shapes lay some very important meetings, one of them with an evil God of The Flaenness. The adventurers seemed hazy to them until, after much studying, one of them, a human sorcerer, seemed to shine out at them. A man in trouble, a man whose mind the could not read, but a man of Boccob indeed. A loyal follower in trouble.

Lapus: See you, Emeraldus, the deformity of this comma’s tail.
Emeraldus: Yes, I see how it relates to the man whose mind is as beast. He travels through time and distance and I should be able to see him, yet cannot. What can this mean?
Lapus: You recall, how Lord Crystallus mentioned a great Quest in which Our Lord Boccob would be involved?
Emeraldus: The Shimring Quest?
Lapus: Yes, I think this may be it.
Emeraldus: That would explain the darkness I perceive.
Lapus: The ink on the paper is rough. The man calls for aid.
Emeraldus: And yet we cannot attend to him. What of his friends. Can they not aid him?
Lapus: They have not the means, it seems.
Emeraldus: But he goes into yet a darker place, I perceive.
Lapus: A dying place.
Emeraldus: And no spells to save him? Can we do nothing?
Lapus: Not at the moment. We must but watch and listen. And hope he finds a way.
Emeraldus: His name is Tippit and his mind is feeble indeed. Do you think he will find a way?
Lapus: Do you think my Lord Boccob would have him in a place without a way?
Emeraldus: Ah, Brother, you shame me. You are right. Help will most undoubtedly be planted in a place we cannot see. The Lore of the Library is mighty indeed, and we cannot put this book back onto the shelf until this comma is complete. Let us wait awhile and see.

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