In the Fortress of the Sun








In the Fortress of the Sun the light never ends. Here there are no shadows. Here there is no evil. Here there is only radiance. And in one room, the Greyhawk room, the light is bright indeed, for many servants of Pelor are assembled there to hear the word of Lucidius Affron, High Solar of Pelor, who travels with knowledge gleaned from the Library of Lore.

Two planetars in particular are most eager to hear the Word. Each has been given special charge of a mortal emmissary, engaged in one of Pelor’s most important exploits – the Shimring Quest! Elrick Anders and Komus Assanti have waited centuries for their chance to interact in this Quest – a limited interaction, but a most important one.

Elrick: So Greyhawk is safe, then.
Komus: It appears so. For now.
Elrick: And your ward is in place?
Komus: Yes, the young Priestess is part of the Quest. What of your warrior?
Elrick: He has drawn first blood.
Komus: So into the Darkness they go. May they find light and inspiration on their Quest.
Elrick: Do you know where they travel in Savandem?
Komus: It has not been made clear to me yet, but I am told it is a DEAD PLACE, soon to be destroyed!
Elrick: Destroyed?
Komus: The end is imminent. And I am told a trapped God will be released that will not be to our liking. This only will I say, that the Will of Pelor has many strange turns, but where the Droomalith is concerned these are myriad indeed. And your warrior, this Aibron, is he prepared?
Elrick: Ready as he can be. He fights with honour, and with light in his eyes.
Komus: Let us pray that light is not extinguished.

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In the Fortress of the Sun

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