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Core Books (Edition 3.5):
  • Any classes, prestige classes from other books can be used with DM approval. Magic Items, Special spells, feats, skills and abilities not covered in Core Books should be copied and sent to DM before play.
    Some of the below are standard rules but important to know:

    Sigil: No Planeshift or Astral Travel. Portals made by The Lady of Pain.
    Demonweb: No Teleportation, Dimension Door, Dimension Hop, Plane Shift, No Astral TravelPlanar travel through Portals only.
    Faerun: No effect other than Home Plane Affinity and Shimring Effect.
    Wyrmland: No Teleportation in and out of Wyrmland. Teleportation within permitted.
    Shimring: No Planeshift or Astral Travel, No Teleportation in and out. Teleportation within Shimring permitted.

  • Descriptor Spells and Abilities (GOOD/EVIL/LAW/CHAOS) function only 50% of the time and cannot be learned by clerics.
  • Magical Descriptor effects resulting from Items are NOT affected and function as normal. All other spells function and abilities are as normal but are subject to Primordial Power Effects.

    Home Plane Affinity has certain affects on characters in Shimring, depending on the coexistant plane travelled in.

    Ancient Primordial Power still exists within the Temples of Shimring but is negated by the Divinely Charged CHAINS OF GOND. Previously, this power had effects on all spells and character abilities performed within them as well as all CLEAVE options by fighters, which could only be negated by successful use of LIFE FORCE CONTAINMENT skill.

    D20 rolls: All rolls of 1 are fails, All rolls of 20 indicate success of some kind unless what you are trying to acheive is impossible.

  • TO HIT: 1;1 is maximum damage on self + plus other possible negatives; 1;2 damage on self and/or other possible negatives; 1;3 – 1;5 are all possible negatives (including dropping weapon, falling, damage to friends, etc.)
  • 20;20 is automatic Max Critical Damage; 20;20;20 is automatic death with two exceptions: a) Creatures above Lev 12 get Fort Save DC15 for Double Max Critical Damage; b) Deities take Double Max Critical Damage.

    Table Speed: to facilitate quicker rounds on the table, TIME LIMITS will apply to Action of each character. Any character “NOT READY” by this time will be bypassed, DELAYING by default until “READY”. If move is not taken by TURN OF THE ROUND, then action is lost.

    Mithril will be regarded as “silver” for purposes of DR.

    Spells can be relearned in 12 hours (8 hour rest + 4 hour meditation or study – 4+4 for Elves.)

    For play without rest, normal fatigue rules apply.

    Divine Intervention: Death 1% per level up to 15% Max (85-100 on d100). Clerics, Palladins add up to +5% depending on circumstance modifiers. On character death, d100 to roll, with 100 being High.(As has become apparent after entry into Shimring, normal DI does not occur with regard to character death – see below. Other rules are in application and may be discovered, but in most cases Raise Dead, Resurrection and True Resurection should work normally if cast quickly!).

    Character Death: FIRST SECTION ONLY!
    Will be treated normally but if no Raise Dead, Resurrection, etc. is initiated within 10 minutes, SPECIAL RULING takes place, whereby Character is given True Resurrection but most powerful item is destroyed. In addition, Character loses 1 point of Constitution permanently. (This cannot be restored, but can be added at appropriate level increase.) This takes place until leaving Astaroth/Greyhawk.
    NB: On entering SAVANDEM, Divine Resurrection does NOT apply. Characters may still roll a DI roll if they die and a successful roll (i.e. on or above current Character DI percentage) will prevent death but will not enable direct deity intervention. Your God will not appear, although your soul will be sent back into your body.
    If DI roll fails then any resurrection must be enabled through available spells and magic.

    Bag of Holding inside Rope Trick is permitted because the Rope Trick creates its own dimensional space; However the same cannot be done with Bag of Holding and Portable Hole or two bags of holding.

    Detect Magic V Invisibity: The aura of illusion can be seen after 3 rounds of concentration.

    Dragon Attack: Dragons get a special attack (ONCE PER ENCOUNTER) when attacking from above. In its first attack, the dragon will be pouncing on opponents. This will be treated as a charge with FULL ATTACK. (+2 to each attack, -2 to AC, attack with bite, four claws, two wings and tail swipe) Opponents hit by claws in this attack must also make grapple rolls or be pinned!

    SHIMRING OCCULT – Knowledge Penalty of minus 10 to all with less than 10 ranks in Knowledge Planes. Natural 20 may bring up a rumour.

    Identify an item using Spellcraft: Normal rules state DC15 + item’s caster level but this is not always noted, especially with multiple property items. If details are not known, DC20 will determine school and 1 property. DC30 or above will determine full list of properties (Legacy Items and Artifacts excepted).

    New Skill: Can be used to negate Primordial Power Effect. For further details see Life Force Containment and Savandem Condition Summary.

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