Grneekle entrance

Grneekle is a Primordial Power temple on the mystical Isle of Shimring. It was originally governed by Cthulhu himself and its only entrance is on a small island midway along the course of Shimring’s longest river. It is Shimring’s most central Temple and also the closest to the Isle of Horus, where lie the bones of the Dracolich.

The Primordial Power that seethes within this temple would normally be the strongest of all temples, however the beings that are vassals and messengers of such power are also repelled by the latent power exuding from the Chains of Gond, wielded by Pelius, and so do not break the membrane maintained by The Droomalith.

The temple, as with other Primordial Temples, can be used as a conduit to any plane of existence, creating a cojoined plane that can be travelled through by mortals. However, this can only be done by use of the Heart of the Dracolich, a powerful artefact now weilded by Baris the Black. This temple is always the third part of any Divine Quest set by the Droomalith.

In this campaign, the Questors , acting on divine truth extracted from the waking God, Vhaeraun, have chosen the City of Sambar in Lantan, Faerun as the cojoined plane.








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