Divine Meeting in The Outlands

“Sometimes the fate of Gods is decided by Mortals and this is not always to the liking of other Gods.” The words of Crystallus Ethene, High Planetar of Boccob, rang out through the chamber and were quietly digested by the other Deific Servants at the table. “Remember, we are all Instruments and must subject Us to this reality.”

Several deities of disparate pantheons, worlds and alignment sat around the heavy darkwood table in this great hall in the Outlands, a summit in Neutral Lands, officiated by the High Orderlies of Boccob, Mystra and Ra at the behest of the Droomalith; each of these, representative of the Great Quest.

“Claim not ye to know the purpose of the Droomalith’s Quest, nor the route of its undertaking, for not even thy Masters are omniscient in this matter. Presently ye are aware of what takes place within the dying strands of Gossamer and know ye the Droomalith feels the pain and confusion of thy worshippers, for as ye know, their testing is great.”

“Some Questors have entered and some have left, and all are honoured, but know ye that for those who forbear, glory shall be great, and the knowledge of their magnificent deeds shall resound through the heavens, shaping the very fabric of the Multiverse.”

“In the climax of this Quest shall be born a new plane, one to which ye and thy masters shall all be conscript. There will the glory of thy masters be neverending, and there will the Tale of the Questors be forever remembered.”








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Divine Meeting in The Outlands

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