Divine History

Divine history1

On reaching the Room of Divine History, the party looked into a long rectangular room of polished flagstones 130’ long, 25’ wide and 15’ high. The whole room was magically lit and at the end of the room a polished diaz could be seen.

Baris attempted to enter the room but was sorely injured by Disintegration spells and had to return. Then Tippit remembered a Divine Dream urging the party to look behind them before entering this room. Baris searched the wall and eventually they found a false wall, that when they scraped it away, revealed a magical mirror showing a safe route to the diaz.

On entering the T section of the room, the party encountered a Living Blasphemy but destroyed it and were able to correctly use the divining rods in the room to create Divine Images of times gone by.

Through these images, they witnessed how the Chains of Gond were stolen by the servants of Eillistraee from the servants of Iuz and learned that they were taken to the Room of Dark Seclusion. They also learned the names of the Three Liches that entered Gossamer as the dark elves of Eillistraee left for Arvondor.

They gathered that Amathus Wendyll held the gateway to the Room of Dark Seclusion but would demand a key whose location was known only to Angus Og. Angus Og is now dead but his memory remains in the Orb of Celierre, kept in the High Tower of the Citadel of the Dead, commanded by Khelias Darkwhynde. Another Lich, Deriath Fogbane, they learned is also seeking this key.








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Divine History

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