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The Clerk’s Ward is the realm of beaurocrats and pen pushers. It is here that you will find scribes, sages and scholars. It is also here that you will find elements of the criminal fraternity that are trying to raise themselves above the levels of the Hive or Lower Ward. This is also a place of museums, taverns and places of interest, in particular The Civic Festhall, run by the Society of Sensation. The Festhall combines the best aspects of a concert hall, museum and tavern, while simultaneously serving as the centrepiece of an artistic neighbourhood that brings travellers from across the Multiverse. It’s the best place in Sigil to see or be seen.

Scholars Kemet and Gbemisola

On previous expedition, Pelius and Grunthy visited these two hound archon scholars in the Clerk’s Ward and gained help and information on their previous quest. They are quite wealthy and you hear they prefer visit by appointment. But they charge quite steeply.

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Clerk's Ward

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