Beyond Shimring

Beyond shimring

What happens to Divine Questors once they have completed three epic Quests and the Ultimate Quest of the Droomalith?

Here you will find PLAYER accounts of what some of these great characters did hereafter……….


An Account of Aibron Torromson by the Bards of Ilanos:

It is known that Aibron Torromson returned to the City of Greyhawk with great honour. There he carried on supporting the Church of Pelor under the guidance of High Priest Anorak Grey and in the distinguished company of cleric Quintine Excavar, herself a previous Shimring Questor, but little is known of these activities.


An account of Baris the Black by Thorgrim73:

The underside of the bed is not nearly as pleasurable as the upper side, Baris thought to himself as he waited for Count Morton the finish admonishing his daughter for being seen socialising with him the night before. He’d heard it all before, time and time again with girl after girl. Baris smiled to himself relishing the fact that Morton’s protestations would most probably have the opposite effect from that which was desired. It also gave Baris a well needed break from his licentious behaviour and a little time to contemplate his life as it now stood.

Barely twenty years of age, unimaginably wealthy and dashingly good looking Baris had the world at his feet. Sure the girls and the wine were fun but not exactly challenging. I need some more of that adventure, he thought to himself. I’ll have to look up some of my old pals, the ones that trapped that god. What were their names again?

First there was Pelius. What a pompous prude. Ah but what I wouldn’t give to watch him explode some undead. Then there was Aibron. What a boring git! Oh but was he good at taking one for the team. What about Forge hey? Now there was a Golem that knew how to party! And what a sense of humour! I’d definitely like to have a few drinks with him. Now that brings me to Faren. Yes, he’d be good for a drink as well and may be some desperately needed competition for the girls. Ah girls. Yes Talia! Now that would be a challenge! Yes! Yes! I most definitely must look them all up.

The door slamming shut brought Baris back from his revere. He slithered out from underneath the bed to take in the voluptuous figure of the Count’s daughter Maria, scantily clad and motioning for him to join her under the covers. Perhaps I’ll start tomorrow, he thought briefly to himself before putting the though aside altogether and resuming his live life in the moment perspective on life.


An account of Pelius, Lord of Glimmerwood, by Thorgrim73:

The sun shone through the stain glass scene of the Earth god Set lying entangled by chains of gold, silver and bronze. The scintillating and intricate shapes and patterns moved up the aisle of the cathedral as the sun rose higher into the sky. Young men and women lined the perimeter of the great hall all wearing robes of the purest white emblazoned with golden discs representative of their rise into the School of Light. Behind the pulpit stood a pale skinned, blue eyed man with golden hair that glistened brightly as the sunlight seemed to bring to him a sudden burst of energy. He gesticulated energetically around white marbled floor and walls of this newly built shrine come college dedicated to the forces of light. A strong, assured and brilliant voice shattered the silence and reverberated around the chamber.

“Today my colleagues, associates and students begins a new chapter in the fight against darkness, undeath and evil. This beacon of light shall be the fanned embers of a fire that shall grow into a blaze that will cleanse the forces of the darkness from this realm. You are all privileged in being chosen to pit your energies, talents and indeed souls against the blight of evil that infests this beautiful and bountiful land. Your time here will test your abilities to their very limits. Some of you will prosper and thrive whilst others may wither or perhaps even perish. It will all be for the greater good! Never surrender to idleness or think that the forces against us shall be easily defeated without sacrifice! You are the chosen and you may just tip the balance in this war against those who would bring this world to ruin.”

The speaker’s eyes seem to glaze over and his stern countenance is replaced with a reminiscent grin.

“You never know when those around you may be the strength that you need to complete what must be done! Be each others strength and in turn we will be the ones that others turn to when darkness threatens to overwhelm them!”

The speaker’s stern countenance resumes as he seems to realise his defensive lapse.
“I officially declare the School of Light open!”


An account of Duskblade Talia Karmylis by the Bards of Ilanos:

What words were spoken between the Sun God Ra and Talia Karmylis, wielder of the Champion of the Heartland were never recorded, so it is not known what direction she who spoke to her own God took. Perhaps she travelled with her good friend, Forge, through the planes of the multiverse, perhaps she returned to her old home in Turmish, or perhaps she trod a secret path laid out for her by Gond, the Father of Invention. The Bards sing many verses in her song.


An Account of warforged artificer Forge by Kerblamikus:

Giant interlocking cogs stretched as far as he could see. Steam sporadically errupted from various vents adding to the otherwordly nature of the place. Forge set out for a collection of structures in the centre of one of the larger cogs. Perhaps there he would find others like himself.

‘Halt’ ‘Anomolus unit detected’
Three mechanical constructs one riding a giant ant advanced menacingly towards Forge.
‘Readings indicate you exhibit several chaotic subroutines and analysis of your aura suggests a predeliction for good’ intoned the rider.
‘Thanks?’ replied Forge
‘This is incompatable with the neutral perfection of Mechanus’
‘You are to be taken for immediate reformating’
‘My friend might take exception to that.’

The ant lurched to one side and then rose into the air stuggling but held fast.
Underneath, a mighty rune guardian shimmered into imposing existance.
The other two guards, focusing on the calamatous construct, heads snapped back round to focus on the recently charged wands in Forges bracers aimed pointedly at their respective heads.

‘Well this was a waste of a Divine favour eh Gojira?’
Gojira stared back impassively.
‘Still good to know your new invisibility spell works’
Forge turned on his heel and began to walk away.
‘Come on Gojira, put him down. We’re leaving’
Gojira absent mindedly tossed the ant and rider over his shoulder to land two miles away.
‘Thankfully we’ve still got this amulet of the planes’
‘And I’m pretty sure I’ve got most of the bugs worked out of it’ he said under his breath.
Grasping the amulet Forge concentrated and the two of them became enveloped in electric blue crackling light only to reappear somewhere …..else.
‘Oh boy’ said Forge.


An Account of Faren the Bard by Stigandr:

Shara sat on her throne in the side hall, used for judicial purposes. Faren would realise from this he was in for less than a warm welcome from his grandmother, but what did he expect? Running away from a marriage that would have sealed an alliance – all the time and effort Shara had had to put into dealing with the fallout! His mother was always too soft on him. Fian, of course, was delighted with news of his return, particularly after she had dreamt about his death.

“Be seated daughter. It would be most unseemly for you to be clucking over your son’s health whilst I chastise him! Think of the damage he has done.”
Fian bristled but sat to the left of her mother: “YOUR grandson’s health.”
The page entered the hall, announcing: “Your ladyship, your grandson, Faren Janneth respectfully requests an audience upon his return from Lantan and… the outer planes.”
Shara was sure he could hear and coldly stated: “Show him in.”
Faren entered. Shara was shocked at how he had changed. His dress matched that of a warrior lord with a shining breastplate and longsword and he carried a cloth-wrapped bundle. A peace offering? A gift?

More noticeable to his mother however was that there was something in his persona. He wore a certainty as if a great light and darkness had struggled within him and been resolved. He met his matriarch grandmother’s eyes full on and smiled a smile that would not be easily dismissed.
“Well Faren. I hope that your journeys have equipped you to face the consequences of your irresponsibility.”
“Grandmother. Mother. I have indeed returned to beg your forgiveness, but the circumstances around my adventures are far greater than you realise and our families name will be honoured by even gods themselves!”
Shara was not in the mood for his verbal flourishes and tried to cut him short: “Foolish boy! Your drunken…”

Shara however was cut short in turn by Faren revealing the contents of the bundle, his mother let out a scream of delight and rushed to him, even Shara, surprised could not be angry given this revelation. It was a baby, some six months old, born with the family’s distinctive dark curly hair but with eyes of pure violet. Fian kissed her son and took the baby from his arms, tears of joy streaming down her cheeks.

“Her name is Divinia” said Faren.
Shara however, held her surprise and checked any show of delight also.
“So Faren, you will be ceasing your wandering for a while?”
Faren knew he had won, but bowed respectfully as he spoke.
“Well I do have an epic poem as well as many, many love poems to test out on the audiences here…”
Shara’s eyes flashed, but her anger was belayed when Faren slyly added: “as well as a daughter to raise.”

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