Astaroth, Primordial Temple, cojoined with Greyhawk

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Astaroth is a Primordial Power temple on the mystical island of Shimring. It was originally governed by Yog-Sothoth in the Eldar Days. It is dangerous to enter as latent Residual Chaotic Energy is drawn to life forces within it, as well as any use of magic – divine, arcane or elemental. Although protected by the Droomalith from such forces, living beings within the temple can cause Rifts of Chaos that temporarily break through the Droomalith’s protective membrane, releasing entropic energies into the world.

The temple, as with other Primordial Temples, can be used as a conduit to any plane of existence, creating a cojoined plane that can be travelled through by mortals. However, this can only be done by use of the Heart of the Dracolich, a powerful artefact usually guarded in Wyrmland. The temple is always the first part of any Divine Quest set by the Droomalith.

In this campaign, the Questors, acting on prophetic advice of the Exarch of Bahamut, have chosen Greyhawk as the cojoined plane.

Mechanics of Travel within Primordial Power Temple: Astaroth

The Primordial Power Effect roll must be made before any action that involves a Spell or a Character Ability. Character abilities are defined by anything that is listed in the Class Description of a character in the beige and white tables for each character class. Feats and Skills that are not included in these tables are not subject to the effect unless they use Arcane or Divine energy.

At the beginning of your turn:

  • 1. State intention.
  • 2. Roll large d10 (DO NOT USE OTHER DICE OR COMPUTER GENERATION) Any player at the table may make this roll.
  • 3. Determine PP Effect before resolving.

  • 1= +5 on d20 and other dice x 1.5
  • 2= -5 on d20 and other dice half normal
  • 9=Spell or ability negated.
  • 10= Spell or ability negated and Entropic Enemy appears.
  • A Wild Card Number will apply in each game session. Number and effects are variable!

  • Greyhawk is a Prime Material plane with no affect on characters. However, Home Plane Affinity favours characters from Greyhawk or Earth with a +1 on all d20 rolls and adversely affects characters from Faerun or Sigil with a -1 on all d20 rolls.

    Primordial Power effects may vary according to each Primordial Temple.

    The Questors have been into Astaroth/Greyhawk and completed their quest. Details of this can be found in the Adventure Logs, but for a summary of the background of the scenario see First Task Completion.

    For a shorter summary of events, see Concise Summary.

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  • Astaroth, Primordial Temple, cojoined with Greyhawk

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