Creature animations by Lisa Konrad borrowed from
INTRO VIDEO by twiggyleaf – Music by TardisHead!

I have taken most of the artwork in this campaign from the internet. I am grateful for all the work done and the enhancement it lends to my campaign, but as I am not using this site for any profit, I hope the chosen artists will accept this. Where any artist has specifically requested, I will cite their name or make a link to their website, as I have done with Lisa Konrad’s animations. If any artist featured on my site wishes me to remove their artwork, I will do so gladly, but otherwise hope that no umbrage is taken.

I would like to thank Gary Gygax (RIP), Dave Arneson and all other developers of the Dungeons & Dragons game who have inspired me and given me so much fun over the years.

This campaign utilises version 3.5 using as Main Core Rulebooks:

  • Player’s Handbook – Wizards of the Coast C 2003
  • Dungeon Master’s Guide – Wizards of the Coast C 2003
  • Monster Manual – Wizards of the Coast C 2003 (and subsequent 3.5 Monster Manuals)
  • Player’s Handbook II – David Noonan – Wizards of the Coast C 2006
  • Rules Compendium – Edited by Chris Sims – Wizards of the Coast C 2007
  • Expedition to the Demonweb Pits – Wolfgang Baur and Gwendolyn FM Kestrel – Wizards of the Coast C 2007 – used in Campaign previous to Shimring and referred to for inspiration in Demonweb, Gossamer section of Shimring Campaign.
  • Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk – Jason Bulmahn, James Jacobs, Erik Mona – Wizards of the Coast C 2007 – for adaptation in Greyhawk section of this campaign
  • Manual of the Planes 4e – Baker, Rogers, Schwalb, Wyatt – Wizards of the Coast C 2008 – for excerpts relating to Sigil.

  • All other D&D 3.5 Books, not used as CORE BOOKS but continually referred to during the Shimring Campaign.

  • Plot and Poison – A Guidbook to Drow – Matthew Sernett – Green Ronin Publishing C 2002
  • Underdark Adventure Guide – Michael Mearls and Dean Poisso – Goodman Games C 2003

    JRR Tolkein – the singular most powerful inspiration for opening up my eyes to all fantasy genres.

    Wizards Forums – for the best online advice regarding rules and the mechanics of play in D&D 3.5

    d20srd – for best comprehensive online listings on all matters D&D without actually having to open up actual books.

    Planewalker Forums – for invaluable assistance in fleshing out details regarding Sigil and some other aspects of planar travel and existence.

    Sample Dragons – for quick and easy reference to prebuilt sample dragons

    Radio Rivendell – for inspirational background music to help me through countless hours of designing

    Elyzium – for use of Domain and invaluable support

    This whole site would not have been possible without the expert assistance of other Obsidian Portal members who have contributed, not only with their comments and advice, but some with direct assistance in helping me to set up html and textile coding (an area of great weakness in my current knowledge bank).

    For this I would particularly like to thank Arsheesh, Dark Magus, DM Loki and KillerVP. Also many thanks to Chainsaw XIV for his premade templates, which have been of great use to me.

    Other fellow Portal Members I would like to thank for their comments and forum inputs are:
    Duskreign, McHappory, Arronax, Pils, StephenWollett, Leonidas300,

    Last but not least: The Players who have been putting their characters through the cojoined planar hell that is “SHIMRING” – Neil, Donald, Matthew, Gabe, Freddy, Dave, Vinny, Ian, Gordon, Ben, Karie – I salute you!

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