Jezrab Flinchal

Cheeerful, friendly and abit of a Trickster.


Bard 11th/Jaunter 4th.

White haired, light blue eyes, 3’ 4", 44#.
Str 9/13*, Dex 14/18*, Con 9/13*, Int 14, Wis 7/11, Cha 18/22*.

11D6 + 4D8 + 14 (rolled) HP: 74 total.

Initiative: 4. Spot: +0, Search: +2, Listen: +2, Hide: +8/6 Armour, Move Silenty: 7/5 Armour.

Speed: 30ft (Fast Movement).

AC: 28, (Dodge Feat 29), FF: 24, Tch: 18. (vs Giants: AC: 32, FF: 24, Tch: 22).

Fort: +10, Refex: + 20, Will: +13.

BAB: +11/ +6/ +1; Grapple: +8/ +3/ -2.

Saber: +1 (1D6 + 2), Attack: +13, 19-20/x2, Type: P/S. Full Attack: +13/ +8/ +3.
Composite Shortbow (Str: + 1) of Frost: +1 (1D4 + 1*), +18, x3, Type: P, Full Attack: +18/ +13/ +8.

  • will be 1D4+ 2 if using his +1 Arrows.
SKILLS: Apprise: 7, Bluff: +11, Concentration: +2, Craft(Alchemy): +4, Diplomacy: +8,
Disguise: +9/
11/21(AS), Hide: +8(6), Intimidate: +8, Jump: +2 (0), Knowledge(Arcana): +16,
Knowledge(Planes): +13*, Knowledge(History): +7*, Knowledge(Lantan): +7*, Listen: +2,
Move Silenty: +7(5), Perform(Sing): +20, Perform(Wind Instruments): +7, Perform(Dance): +6,
Sense Motive: +12, Sleight of Hand: + 11 (9), Spellcraft: +18, Spot: +0, Survival: +7/
9 (other Planes), Tumble: +14 (12), Use Magic Device: +18, Speak Langauges: used 5 pts, Tricks: 10 pts.

FEATS: Fearless(Cultural Feat), Dodge, Mobility, Spring Attack, Craft Wonderous Items,
Portal Master, Clap of Thunder.


  • Bardic Knowledge: +15.
  • Bardic Music: Fascinate, Countersong, Suggestion, Inspire Courage: +2, Inspire Competence. Speak with Mammals 1/day, Prestidigitation 1/day, Dancing Lights 1/day, Ghost Sounds 1/day. h6. TRICKS: Collector of Stories*, Concealing Spellcasting, Nimble Stand, Magical Appraisal, Tumbling Crawl.

    JAUNTER POWERS: Benign Transportation(1), Baleful Transportation(1), Teleport(2), Plane Shift(2): Travel Power: 8. Dimension Door: 120ft(Minimum 10ft), Freedom of Movement: 8 rounds, as swift action.

    SPELL: Cantrips(6): Detect Magic, Read Magic, Open/Close, Know Directrion, Mage Hand, Summon Instrument. 1st lvl(4): Cure light Wounds, Detect Secret Doors, Charm Person, Undetectable Alignment, 2nd lvl(4):Planar Compass, Cure Moderate Wounds, Invisiblity, Alterself, 3rd lvl (3):
    Analyze Portal, Dispel Magic, Leomund’s Tiny Hut 4th lvl (3): Resonating Bolt, Break Enchantment, Hold Monster.

    Spells: 3/4/4/4/2

    Language: Gnome, Draconic, Lantanese, Ignan, Celestial, Abyssal, Infernal, Auran, Giant.

    Gear: Saber: 1(2#), Mithral Chainmail: +2(5 to ST) (10#), Darkwood Bucklar: +2(1.25#), Explorers Garb: (2#; weight not included), Winter Garb: (1.75#), Hewards Handy Haversack(3H): (1.25#), Silver Dagger (0.5#), Belt Pouch: x3 (0.5#) Shortbow of Frost +1 (1#), Arrow: +1 x 25, Arrow (Mwk): x 30 (4.5#), Chimes of Opening: (1#), Rod of Extention: (2.5#), Flint & Steel:x2 h1.(#), Potions: CLW: x4, CMW: x6, Potion Belt(Mwk): (0.25#), Cloak of Charisma: +4 (0.25#), Gloves of Dexterity: +4 (#), Belt of Strength: +4 (0.25#), Amulet of Health: +4 (*#), Headband of Wisdom +4, Ring of Featherfall, Ring of Invisibility, Wand of Light (48), Wand of Detect Magic (50), Wand of CLW (50) & (38), Wand of CMW (26), Potion of lesser Restoration: x2, Everburning Torch, (Everlasting Bedroll; Everlasting Mug; Everlasting Rations: in 3H),Composite Shortbow of Frost, +1 Arrow: x25, Arrows (Mwk) x 29.

  • Bio:
    Flinchal is an ancient Gnome Family name deriving from “Flinch all that is not nailed now!”

    His ancestors where a roguish lot, but settle in Lantan hundreds of years ago an studied the crafts of that Isle! Cannie forget ur passed and as I say his Family lived in Lantan and Worship Gond and also Mystra, Lliira and many more Natural Gods and Goddesses!

    Whether Jezrab feel there influance in his blood of his ancestors or his Fearless behavior to
    the Unknown, evan he is not sure why he left Lantan and explored Faerun and eventually the other
    planes of Exsistance.

    He alone will travel into dark places while other wise Gnomes stay at home, making things difficult for himself, but unafraid he is, because he not very wise and not scared to travel the planes, exploring portals and getting himself into vaste amounts of trouble and fleeing with all possible haste using his Jaunter abilities:)))

    Jezrab is forus on Group cooperation, though he spends alot of time traveling alone, or in company of few friends for sort times, evan total strangers, he thinks he can trust!

    Jezrab Loves creating thing especially Portals, etc:)
    Jezrab Dreams of mass Planar Travel and dreams of profit generated by it also.

    On the Isle of Lantan, Gond is the Favoured God, A God of Craft and Creation, But Jezeab was inspired by Lliira and Milil, two Lesser of Faerun Deities! though still honours Gond and enjoys Crafting things also when he gets the chance:)

    h3. Jezrab honours Thee Gnome Pantheon and Mystria, Lliira and Milil.

    But if ANY of the above inspired Jezrab to greater action, it was Lliira, her joy and happiness, cause him to errupt into songs of mirth and glee!

    Lliira (Page 99: Faiths and Pantheons, only small note Page 234/235 of FR Campaign settings).

    Milil (Page 102 F&P, small note Page 234/235 FRCS).

    Milil is stated as “One True Hand of All-Wise Oghma,” as a Bard, Oghma the God of Knowledge is a great inspiration to Jezrab also!

    Jezrab is in admiration for all the Gods of Good/Natural Forces, Silvanus, Mielikki, Eldath,
    Selune, Chauntea, Shaundakul, Sune, Tymora, Gwaeron Windstrom, Istishia, Lurue and Shiallia.

    He also greatly admires Eilistraee for her Great fight to Free her people! she also has Portal Domain, which interest him.

    Lliira, she makes Jezrab laugh and be joyous, she has Charm, Good, Family, Chaos and Travel
    Domain, if Jezrab had been a cleric, he would have chosen Travel and Good!

    I could create a 1-way Portal that functions for 1 round per 10/days for a small fee of 500gp and 80xp , yehaaaaaaa!
    Also create return (2-way) Portal fa another 250gp, 40xp, so in theory a person could go though and still return from other side when they activate portal from other side with out waiting, because Portal at otherside will also function 1r/10days.
    I think he create a Key for Portal, a Copper Rings fa each Adventurer with and engraving on its inside with “One Ring to Rule them…, only joking again,” Its a Gnomes life:)
    Or how about “Flinchal Portal and Planar Travel Limited,” naw!!
    Lets try “They Who have this Ring can Pass Beyond,” in Celestial Script.
    “If u Feel Lucky, Jump on Through,” in Infernal Script.
    Or “Take a Trip to the Otherside,” Welcome," in Abyssal Script.

    Analyze Portal

    1: Any key or command word.
    2: Time Portal activates, etc…
    3: 1-way or 2-way.
    4: Unusual Properties, etc…
    5: Last; a 1 round glimpse of otherside.

    Planar Compass

    1: Destination of Portal/Gate.
    2: Planar Traits ineffect: enviormental effects.
    3: Planeshift: halfway off target.
    4: Teleport: roll twice, take best result/direction.

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    Jezrab Flinchal

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