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The Theatre Analogy

The Questors may be viewed as characters in a play in three acts with an epilogue attached. Behind the scenes are the Dieities involved, each using their various props assistants and technical assistants to influence things on the stage, but controlling everything is the Stage Director, the Droomalith.

The Droomalith has devised the basis for the play in the form of three Divine Quests, which are in effect Tests for the Questors, with a successful completion, not only leading to the next quest, but also making a difference to the worlds of the various player characters. Each of these concerns restoration of Divine Balance in some part of the Multiverse.

However, each of these pales compared to the Main Quest, which will conclude on Horus. It is because of this Quest that many deities from different pantheons are involved, although some more than others.

It may be worth considering that other parties may be undergoing similar quests of their own simultaneously with that of the Questors. If the player characters ever meet one of these groups, they would be subject to Shimring Effects and Primordial Power effects in the same way as the Questors are.

Whisperings of the Gods

This section may give some insight into the motivations of Deities acting behind the scenes. Players may be able to gain an inkling of the machinations behind the stage on which they are performing.

Below are links to some of these events. Players are welcome to allow this knowledge to affect how they play. Although the characters may not themselves be privy to the information, it will be treated as a form of Divine Intervention, and characters who develop accordingly can gain bonus experience points.

Genesis – Learn from your Warding Deity!

Savandem Behind the Divine Curtain

Preparation for the Capture of Cthulhu

Inside the Den of Olidammara

On the Peaks of Celestia

The Healing Halls of Ilmater

On the Slopes of Olympus

In the Library of Lore

In the Fortress of the Sun

Later in the Fortress of the Sun

Legends of the Drow Pantheon

Deep in the Demonweb Pits

Divine Meeting in The Outlands

In the Clouds above Lantan

Astral Deva Assignation


The Spite of Yllach-Kara-Hilch



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