Third Task Completion

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At the end of the Third Test of the Droomalith the Questors will have journeyed to Lantan in Faerun, enabled the Chains of Gond carried by Pelius and met with Gond, The Master of All Invention. By the resolution of this Quest, the final Questors to enter Horus for the Main Task of the Droomalith will have been decided.

Lantan is a small group of Islands at the edge of the Trackless Sea. It is inhabited predominantly by an almost equal number of humans and gnomes and ruled by Gnomeking Arnold Scragnose. It is also the place of origin of orginal Questor, Jezrab Flinchal, who perished in the Demonweb during the Second Task. Having been told by Vhaeraun at the end of their last Test the Clip of Gond was held in the High Holy Crafthouse of Inspiration in the town of Sambar, the Questors enter the Primordial Temple of Grneekle, ancient base of Great Cthulhu, who some call Tharizdun.

Having lost three members to the horrors of Gossamer in the Demonweb, the group arrive in the town centre on a bustling Saturday Afternoon and take advantage of a real good shopping spree, during which they meet Talia, Forge and Faren, who join the Quest, replacing Tippit, Jezrab and Sir Keoghen.

By the Power of the Heart of the Dracolich the newcomers are drawn into the Quest, their souls becoming locked in Shimring, even though their perceived existence is in the town of Sambar. The group know they have to find the Clip of Gond to enable the Chains of Gond that Pelius has carried from the beginning when he picked them up in Sigil. They know that they need this to start on the Final Part of the Quest and they know they are destined to meet Gond. What they don’t know is that they are in a cauldron of Divine activity as various Gods vie for their place at the viewing table of Horus.

Even as their various Warding Deities deliberate and scheme to ensure they have influence in the multiversal spread of the Droomalith, the party’s mortal enemy Eclavdra, High Priestess of the Drow has supported a Drow Task Force through their own Shimring Quests, carrying an alternate Heart of the Dracolich to the very place where the Questors must decide their own fate. In the Neutral world of the Droomalith the forces of good must fight the forces of evil for the right to victory in Horus.

Through increasingly vivid Divine Dreams, the party begin to learn of the battle that awaits them. They enjoy an amazing Feast presented by the noble Ahab Wrenchfree, wealthy cousin of Jezrab, thrill at their Magical Mystery Tour of the High Holy House of Inspiration, where they see the their quarry – the Holy Clip of Gond, and begin to prepare their venture, waiting on the sign in the Heavens – a cataclysmic convergence of stars that will herald the coming of Gond.

At the time of the convergence, when they enter the museum, the Questors find the place guarded by old drow enemies, some of whom are newly resurrected foes whom they have already killed. A stunning victory in the Crafthouse leads them to possession of the Clip of Gond and a nullification of the Alternate Heart of the Dracolich, establishing their place in the Droomalith’s Final Quest.

The party leave Lantan and Grneekle with Gond’s blessing. The Chains are enabled and Gond tells them that their mission will be to capture the Earth God, Set. However, a small tear in the magical fabric of Shimring allows two unforeseen Divine Interventions – a spiteful move by the High Yochlol of Lolth and an even more devious play by the Laughing Rogue, Olidammara, protecting his own interests. Just as the exhausted party are resting, a deadly battle erupts involving party death, construct destruction, Astral Stalkers and Death Slaadi. Morning cannot come quick enough and with a final victory over evil, aided by the neutral minstrel of Ysgard, the Questors prepare for their travel to the mystical Isle of Horus!

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Third Task Completion

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