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The Closest thing Sigil has to a police force (not counting the dabus) is a citizen group called “The Sons of Mercy”. Unfortunately, without any political power to make arrests or carry out sentences, the Sons of Mercy don’t garner much respect from the locals, and thus aren’t terribly effective in limiting crime. However, they do work in relation to the dabus and will often be called on by the dabus to assist when conflict seems inevitable.

The group is headed by Arwyl Swan’s Son (a Paladin of Pelor), who believes in justice and balance between good and evil. His view is that there is enough evil in the world and exertioin of his own goodness helps to restore the balance. One of his prime captains is Heraldus Claymont, a fighter and loyal worshipper of St Cuthbert.

The Sons of Mercy may not have any direct authority in the city, and local support is limited to say the least, but they do have the financial backing of many prominent artisans and wealthy middle class traders who would much rather see some semblence of law and order than leave everything that happens in the city to the governance of Chaos.

The Sons of Mercy are predominantly good but some are corrupted.

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The Sons of Mercy

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