The Questors in Savandem









Twenty days prior to their arrival at the dark temple entrance of Savandem, a group of seasoned adventurers met in a house in Sigil for a celebratory party to commemorate the ten year anniversary of the thwarting of a plot by the Demonlords Graaz’t and Malconthet (presided over by Lolth) to unite the Demonlords in a pact that might have enabled the toppling of the balance of good and evil.

When a portal opened up in the middle of the room, the party stepped inside and Pelius retrieved a plaited chain of gold, silver and bronze. Thus begun the Quest of the Droomalith in Shimring. Of the original party, three remain.

The Rock Gnome, Jezrab, worshipper of Lliira , is a universal scholar of plane travel and song. He has a strong interest in mythology and celebrates all that is good and pure. The Paladin, Sir Keoghen, a devout disciple of Torm , is a warrior for Righteousness. He has suffered great losses and abhors the corruption of the nether planes but is obedient to his cause. The human sorcerer, Tippit, is a follower of Boccob and is the only natural inhabitant of Sigil on the Quest. A needle-witted apostle of magical power, his cognitive powers have become somewhat dimmed since his encounter with the servants of Iuz.

Some of the original characters have died or moved on, but new arrivals have bolstered the group. Aibron is a volunteer soldier from the City of Greyhawk, who in gratitude for the saving of his home, has offered to fight against the Darkness as a servant of Pelor . Kane the Traveller is a powerful Sainted Aasimar and Disciple of Ilmater . Through his Vow of Poverty, he has an acute understanding of working through adversity and is a steadfast seeker of Truth. Most recently, the human, Baris the Black, has divinely replaced Sven as the Wielder of the Heart of the Dracolich . He is a chosen envoy of that great trickster, Olidammara . Finally, to replace the Cleric Pelius, the Church of Pelor in Greyhawk have sent Quintine Excavar, an obedient servant of the Light, whose commendable loyalty to the common people has earned her a special place on this Quest. It is she who now wears the magical aspect of what the party seeks.

As the Questors now enter the section of the Demonweb known only to a few as Gossamer, they must unite together to overcome great evil and chaotic power surges from the coexistant temple of Savandem, once home of He Who Should Not Be Named. With only limited help from their Deities, they must find the Chains of Gond or forever lose their souls to the Demonweb Pits.

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The Questors in Savandem

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