At the end of the Second Test of the Droomalith the Questors will have encountered the god Vhaeraun, used the Power of the Heart of the Dracolich to extricate the location of the next Test and exited the Primordial Temple of Savandem, co-aligned with the Demonweb with the Chains of Gond, thus freeing Vhaeraun to continue his fight against Lolth.

It was long whispered that Eillistraee destroyed Vhaeraun and took the allegiance of his worshippers but this was not entirely true and many former clerics of the Masked God believed that he would return. Eillistraee did kill him but by a prophesy of Correlon Larethian his destruction could only occur if his soul was claimed by his mother, Lolth. To engineer this, Eillistraee used the Chains of Gond, stolen from Iuz to hold the dead body of her brother in the Room of Dark Seclusion, after she left her previous home of Gossamer. She knew that Gossamer would fade and fall and that Vhaeraun would then be forever destroyed.

However, the prophecy of Correlon Larethian also prevented Eillistraee from destroying all knowledge of the place. Knowing that Vhaeraun’s whereabouts would forever be saved within the memory of Angus Og, hidden inside the Orb of Celierre, Eillistraee allowed the three Liches Khelias Darkwhynde, Amethus Wendyll and Deriath Fogbane to enter the Demonweb. They were also part of the Prophecy for it was foretold that Three Liches would enter but that only one would survive. Eillistraee managed to turn the most powerful of these, Amethus Wendyll, by promising to save him if he stood as Guardian to the Room of Dark Seclusion, disallowing all creatures unless they carried a key which she had hidden.

As Eillistraee was leaving Gossamer, Lolth managed to secure the support of Lich Khelias Darkwhynde, and although she could not enter Gossamer, the Lich gave to her all the bodies of the last soldiery of Gossamer, whom he had killed. In a tortured mockery, Lolth corrupted these creatures with a terrible form of Undeath that had them remain much as they were, even acting with a form of semi-intelligence, before returning them to Gossamer. To the Clerics she gave wounding spells and to Khelias Darkwhynde was given the power to replenish these creatures throughout the many years it would take for the place to deteriorate. To hasten this, Lolth also cast a time acceleration spell on the entire area.

The Third Lich, Deriath Fogbane was a master of Shadow but aligned to neither Eillistraee nor Lolth. Through his shadow powers, he had been able to rip some of the fabric of Gossamer so that several areas of the web were infected and passable through the Shadow Plane. He believed that the secret to the Key of the Room of Dark Seclusion was to be found in the Shadow and hoped to be able to find this himself, thus securing his freedom from the accursed place. He did not know what was in the room but believed it to be important enough for many Gods to be involved. Alas he was outdone by his own greed for he need never have entered the place.

By the power of Correlon Larethian’s Divine Word, the three Liches could not ever meet each other and each would be confined to the area that they had chosen within the confines of Gossamer, forever shackled until either utter destruction or freedom sought them out. In the end, the Shimring Questors killed Deriath Fogbane. Amethus Wendyll had acted to his word and was rewarded and saved by Eillistraee. Lolth’s vassal, Khelias Darkwhynde paid the ultimate price to Lolth for his failure – eternal ownership of his Soul by the Spider Queen.

Vhaeraun was not entirely blind to the whole prophecy and, foreseeing his own death and what might occur thereafter, persuaded his loyal followers, the Jaezred Chaulssin, to aid in the matter. As the Liches entered, they also secreted in The Chosen One (Nimrod Zamminor, a high ranking Shadow Dragon), disguising him with Divine Power and artifacts against detection. There he was to wait for many years until the Questors, also prophesied by Corellon Larethian, entered the area. It would be his duty to lend assistance to them and at all costs to accompany them to the Room of Dark Seclusion. At no time ever, until being united with Vhaeraun, was he to allow his true identity to be revealed. If Vhaeraun could be wakened, it would be his task to take him out through the Shadow Rift before the whole of Gossamer dropped into the Demonweb Pits.

As predicted by Correlon Larethian, the Shimring Questors found the Key to the Room of Dark Seclusion and to enable a transference of power from the Chains of Gond to the aspect that they carried, were forced to release the Masked God. In fact it was they who started everything in motion, for when Pelius took the tricolour chains from a dark room through a portal in Sigil, a time loop was created within which the very prophecy took place.

The will of the Gods is not always in line with the wills of their worshipers but although some characters may feel uneasy with the fact that they have inadvertently freed an evil Drow God, they should feel encouraged in that they have contributed significantly to the fight against Lolth, Queen of the Demonweb!

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