Prime Quest of Horus

Divinia scent

When the characters first step onto the Land of Horus, the Heart of the Dracolich immediately divests from its carrier. The powers of the Heart still rest with whoever carries it physically but it must be held. Whoever carries it is temporarily Neutral and will not be able to take any actions that need two hands, e.g. shooting a bow or using a two-handed weapon.

The island of Horus is a silent place. No birds can be seen or heard although vegetation seems normal, in fact it appears quite lush. The atmosphere is pregnant with possiblity, akin to the air in the silence before the storm!

Soon after arriving on the Island the adventurers see a lone figure descending from the Heavens. This is Divinity Scent, Prime Herald of the Droomalith. She does not seem intimidating. The Questors notice that she is LARGE and that she has WINGS! She is extremely beautiful, armoured and armed with a Large Longsword in its jewel encrusted scabbard.

Divinity Scent greets the players and congratulates them on their survival and success in the Quest so far. She tells them that they have one last task to complete and asks them if they would like to know what their whole quest has been about.

She then explains about the Droomalith’s Earth Experiment in which the Gods of the Planet are to be withdrawn and replaced by scientific knowledge. All of the Gods agree to leave, apart from Set, who stayed behind in physical form. However, it is decided that Set must be removed before the discovery of smokepowder, and Gond arranges for the Chains of Gond to be found, enabled and brought to Horus.

By placing the Heart of the Dracolich in its place within the centre of the Holy Oval of Henge, the primordial power of the Dracolich is awakened and it attempts to escape and destroy the world of Shimring and the entire universe. Only the Droomalith can prevent this and the resultant battle sends planar shock waves throughout the multiverse. One of these is strong enough to cause a planar overlap that brings Set from Earth into Shimring without him realising.

Using the Chains of Gond, the Questors must then capture the God but it is not easy. The conflict between Dracolich and Droomalith manifests in the form of a powerful storm that restricts hearing, vision and movement, and prevents flying and use of ranged weapons. Added to this is the sick realisation that Set is not alone.

He is accompanied by 16 mummies controlled by two Mummy Lords. But more dreadful than this is that Set can awaken an aspect of Anubis from the masthead statue of his ship. As a Master of The Undead with the benefit of both Clerical and Wizard spells, Anubis is a considerable adversary. How the Shimring Questors fared against such odds is told in the THE FINAL CURTAIN.

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Prime Quest of Horus

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