Olath Jess

(Dark Fang)


The whole of this Underkiln city is a gigantic stalagtite that hangs down into a vast cavern and is approached either by rope or by levitation discs controlled by the Outer Fang (Gatekeepers).

The prominent house is House Mizzrym which is only the Fifth House of the Drow, but allied with First House Baenre. The city is ruled by a Baenre governess, Priestess Inthuul Velve (Chilled Blade), supported by the High Priestess, Bekea Micar Rilyn Duskryn (Wise Widow of the House of Duskryn). The second to fourth houses of Barrison Del’ Armgo, Faen Tlabbar and Xorlarrin do not populate this city due to the powerful alliance between Mizzrym and Baenre. Sixth House, Fey-Branche is allied to Barrison Del’ Armgo and Seventh House, Tuin Tarl is allied to Xorlarrin. House Duskryn is allied to Mizzrym and therefore Baenre, lending it slightly more prominence in OLATH JESS than in any of the other cities.

The armies of OLATH JESS ulitmately report to Bekea Micar and Inthuul Velve but are commanded by Captain Venorik Aphyon Rilyn Mizzrym (Silent Death of House Mizzrym), brother of Bekea Micar. His second in Command is Sergeant Isto Keeshe Rilyn Duskryn (Night Dagger of House Duskryn) and both are loyal to the Baenre High Commander in VALSHARESS’ ZENPHE.

There are no wizard schools in OLATH JESS but a small contingency of Baenre wizards under Olath Sluu Rilyn Baenre (Dark Collar of House Baenre) tend to the needs of Inthuul Velve. However, there is a very strong element of FAERZRESS (Underdark Magical Radiation) in OLATH JESS so that many of the males born here show a high natural affinity towards sorcery. For that reason there is an excellent Academy of the Arcane run by Zik Sol Rilyn Mizzryn (Sharp Eye of the House of Mizzryn)

Lolth is the main deity and indeed the only deity worshipped openly in OLATH JESS. However, there are rumours of a secret good cult of Eillistraee having some members and it is widely believed that worship of Vhaeruan has infiltrated some of the male population of the city. Slaves of other races may worship their own gods in private but open public worship of any of these is punishable by death. All matters religious are presided over by Inthuul Velve or Bekea Micar

There are regular trade links between all three Drow Cities but most trade with the Dwarven City of THARRADOK is done through the traders of LANKE DARLA and similarly, most trade with the Duergar city of SNIVELGARTH is done through the traders of VALSHARESS ZENPHE.
Trade includes slaves, weapons, minerals, food, tools, magic, beasts and art.

Major Houses of the Drow (In order of station)
Baenre, Barrison Del’Armgo, Faen Tlabbar, Xorlarrin, Mizzrym, Fey-Branche, Tuin Tarl, Duskryn

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