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The Lower Ward gets its name from the high number of portals to the planes of Elemental Chaos. It is also the area housing the highest number of artisans. There are many forges, mills, warehouses, workshops and armouries. A high percentage of demons and other abyssal outsiders reside in these parts so it is no surprise that the famous Styx Oarsman is situated here as well.

The Styx Oarsman

This inn, run by the secretive Githzerai, Rule-of-Three, prides itself on its acceptance of the more exotic beings in the city. Although patrons are mainly human, it is also a meeting place for elves, dwarves, halflings, githzerai and githyanki. It is also a place where demons, drow, and even devils may meet without too much bother.

The Marilith Barmaid, who is also floor manager, has a zero tolerance for any violence erupting in her bar, and she has powerful servants to aid her in putting a stop to any of this nonsense. Permanent Unseen Servants keep the place clean and bar staff consists of a trio of humans (Hakim, Rake and Elissa) who live and work at the inn.

The establishment has two levels. Ground level is a large tavern area with several small rooms and alcoves leading from it to allow for discreet meetings between all manner of beings. The upper level is in the shape of a wooden boat and has eight high quality rooms, all with good quality locks and serviced by highly trained halfling chambermaids.

Green Dragon Inn

This is the inn next door to the party’s hired house in Sigil. Landlord and proprietor is Gray Rocksworth – a friendly enough human who runs a good wholesome place and prides himself on excellent food and wine. This bar is a little bit more comfortable to good Outlanders than The Styx Oarsmen, but all are welcome, so demons, drow and githyanki can be expected to be present at times – even evil creatures like good quality food!

Bar staff are all human and cleaning staff are all halfling. Gray Rocksworth has a good relationship with the Sons of Mercy and it is said they “keep an eye on the place.”

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