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New Skill: Life Force Containment (Wis)

Use this skill to meditate for one hour at the beginning of each day within a Temple of Primordial Power to try to negate the effects of Primordial Power surges for the remainder of the day.

Check: The DC will depend on location, situation and intention but will be either DC20, DC25, DC30 or DC35 maximum. At the beginning of each day, one hour must be spent in meditation. Any break in concentration during this meditative period will negate the effects, although it may be resumed for another full hour.

After one hour of meditation is completed, a standard action is used to roll against the DC using ranks in skill added to current Wisdom bonus. Failed attempts cannot be attempted in the same day and can only be remade after 24 hours. A successful roll means that a character has done what is necessary through meditative discipline to contain their life force energy so that it does not trigger a Primordial Power effect. The successful character can still be attacked by an Entropic Enemy generated by another character but gains DR/10 against Hit Point attacks (i.e. ability score attacks are not affected and any ensuing damage is not reduced.)

A character who has succeeded on their daily Life Force Containment check does not have to roll the Cthulhu die and can freely use any action that would otherwise elicit such a roll (e.g cast a spell, use arcane or divine energy, or use any special ability outlined in the white and beige lines under character description).

Action: One standard action after one hour of uninterrupted meditation.

Advancement: Ranks can be added as Cross Class skills in the same way as any other skill.

Benefit: Successful DC check negates need to roll Cthulhu die for 24 hours. (Without successful skill check Cthulhu Die must be rolled for use of character ability or casting of any spell).

Special: DR10/negative energy. A successful DC Check also strengthens the life force aura of the character so that they gain damage reduction against negative energy. This applies to any physical attack or other delivery of such energy (e.g. Inflict spells of NeoPriests delivered through Arcane Channelling) but does not apply to normal weapon damage. All other interaction with undead creatures is normal.

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Life Force Containment

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