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The Memory of Angus Og
Eillistraee intended that the Key to the Room of Dark Seclusion should never be found. She knew that Angus Og would be killed and so commanded that he be the one to hide the Key. She cast a shroud over this so that it could never be found by magic.

She did not know that Corellan Larethian in his wisdom had decreed that the memory of Angus Og would never die, so when Angus Og was killed his memory lived on in the Orb of Celierre, which came to be guarded in the Tower of the Citadel of the Undead.

The only way to find the Key to the Room of Dark Seclusion is to obtain the Orb of Celierre and ask the memory of Angus Og to reveal its wheareabouts.

Portals of Light
It is told that even in the early blessed days of Corellan Larethian and Araushnee, Corellan perceived some darkness ahead and was able to throw splatters of conciousness into the Dark Future. Though he perceived not the situation, yet pockets of light were by this means thrust into the future darkness that would become the Demonweb, particularly in Gossamer, that would retain light for some time due to the Power of Eillistraee.

Two areas of light were by this means created in future pockets of Gossamer – a hidden portal linking Gossamer to Arvandor was destined to remain until the end. Also, a small demi-plane was established, in which loyal servants of Corellan Larethian would remain until the end.

While Eillistraee lived in Gossamer, she knew of these, and indeed revelled in the Valley of Divine Light, but had no power over it. After she left, Lolth’s undead minions gained control of Gossamer but they could not harm the loyal subjects in the Valley of Divine Light, and Lolth was powerless to destroy the hidden portal to Arvondor until the end.

The End of Gossamer
After Eillistraee left the Demonweb, taking as many of her faithful minions as she could through the Portal to Arvondor, Lolth finally had control of Gossamer. First, she populated it with the dead followers of Eillistraee, creating an undead force in within the section. She fenced off Gossamer from the rest of the Demonweb and shrunk it to a minute size. She then put a powerful time acceleration spell on the whole place so that it would deteriorate rapidly and finally fall into her fog.

Before the Time of Silence three Liches were introduced into this area. Before leaving, Eillistraee managed to turn one of them to her way of thinking, and set him to a special task. Lolth favoured one of them over the other, and before her Time of Silence, gave command of the Citadel of the Undead to him, until the End of Gossamer.

By the Prophecy of Correllan Larethian, only one of these Liches would survive the End of Gossamer.

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