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The characters of this campaign will enter Greyhawk in the year 597 so any characters originating from this world should bear this time frame in mind. It is now four decades since Mordenkainen first delved Castle Greyhawk. In the company of his apprentice Bigby, the fearless Lord Robilar, and the willful cleric Riggby, the wizard relentlessly explored the ruins of Zagig’s castle, charting its secrets and plundering its priceless treasures. Mordenkainen knew of Zagig as an eccentric, the long-lived former Lord Mayor during the City of Greyhawk’s rennaisance. He was the founder of the city’s world-reknowned Guild of Wizardry and one of the greatest adventuring mages ever to cast a spell. Mordenkainen would come to learn that Zagig had cheated death by becoming a deity, piecing together the legend over several forays spanning thirteen years.

In his discoveries, Mordenkainen found that Zagig had developed prisons to hold powerful entities, among them the infamous Iuz the Old, half demon son of the witch-queen Iggwilv and the demon prince Graz’zt. He planned to secure this imprisonment for all eternity but was thwarted, allowing Iuz to escape and utter a cry of eternal vengeance on Mordenkainen and the whole of the Free City of Greyhawk.

Twenty seven years have passed since this time. To the west, in the not so distant city of Verbabonc, Riggby has escaped Iuz’s vengeance by dying of natural causes in his twilight years. The whereabouts of Mordenkainen are unknown, although it is believed he is deep in research somewhere in the Guild of Wizardry. Lord Robilar keeps to himself and has not been seen for some time.


  • Character from Greyhawk – +1 on all d20 rolls
  • Character from Earth – +1 on all d20 rolls
  • Character from Faerun – -1 on all d20 rolls.

    Pelius: +1
    Falek, Grunthy, Jezrab, Tippit: -1

    Primordial Conduit Effects Players entering Primordial Conduits (Astaroth, Savandem, Grneekle and Horus) may be subject to other effects:

  • All are incredibly sensitive to elemental influence:(Fire, Water and Ice, Wind, Earth) 1d10
  • 1. Spell and character ability x 1.5 (Plus 5 to d20)
  • 2. Spell and character ability x 0.5 (minus 5 to d20 roll)
  • 3. Numbers 3 to 8. Normal
  • 9. Spell and character ability negated
  • 10. Spell and character ability negated and appearance of Entropic Enemy.
    Plus 2 to overcome Spell Resistance.
    Enhance spells through magical energy (Spellcraft DC20 + spell level for +1 CL. (Failure results in -1 CON)

    See also: Tirra, River Quarter Master Thief of Greyhawk.

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