In the Clouds above Lantan


On a great cloud high above the Torillian islands of Lantan stand two planetars, wings at rest, mithril armour glinting in the sun. Both lords of the sky wear shining Holy Swords at their side but each holds his own device in regal hand. Aurelius holds a rod of gold and precious gems, radiant in the midday light, while Vespasian holds a sceptre of polished platinum and obsidian. With omnificent sight they gaze down at the lands far below.

Aurelius: So the time moves toward prophetic event and these mortals are the ones chosen to carry the Holy Chains.
Vespasian: Unless their enemies claim the right. The Dark Queen also makes her move now I fear.
Aurelius: What has my Lord Gond told you of the event to come?
Vespasian: Not much. To prepare the way, align the stars and choose a champion to join the Quest.
Aurelius: And you have chosen?
Vespasian: She is there already. In Sambar. Talia Karmylis, a duskblade from Turmish. And you,my friend? Whom do you ward? For I know also that your vassal enters the Droomalith’s Quest.
Aurelius: A product of mismanaged magic. Forge is his name. A being unlike any these Questors have seen. An arcane artificer. You shall see.
Vespasian: But we will not see much, will we? The Heart of the Dracolich clouds ever my sight, and yours too I presume.
Aurelius: Yet I intrude through dreams, as do you, my friend.
Vespasian: Then let us leave these mortals to their dreams for now, for we have omens to prepare.

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In the Clouds above Lantan

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