Images Witnessed

The Questors take the Rods from the stands in each corner and insert them into the Dias.

Magical writing on central pillar: “Behold the Visions of Gods! Magical writing on each side dias: Chains, Lich, Key, Secret.

  • Chains: Describe female drow cleric running through dungeon with warriors and mage at her side. Burst open door to find Vayne (from Greyhawk) and two guards. Human and Drow wizard duel, Drow Warriors kill guards and Cleric and rogue burst open a door and remove three sets of chains from a cupboard. Cleric says: “Now our Goddess will look kindly on us as we rid these evil creatures of their stolen goods and convert them to a just cause!” Vayne falls and the Drow leave through a newly opened portal. “Quicly,” says the Cleric, “We must take these chains to the Room of Dark Seclusion.” IMAGE FADES
  • Lich: A drow woman that looks like Eilistraee seems to be talking to a Lich. “Amathus, I need you to guard the last room to the very end. None must pass! If you do this, I will petition for you. You know the prophecy – that only one of the three Liches may survive!
    · “I Know the prophecy, Lady. I also know there is a key. He who bears the key I am compelled to let pass.”
    · The Lady speaks: “Let the keybearer pass. We shall see how he or she will fare” and starts to laugh! “Angus Og is dead!”
    · Lich: “Yet his memory lingers!”
    · Eilistraee: “The Orb of Celierre has been despatched to the Citadel. Even now Darkwhynde moves to secure it. He will never release it! Do my bidding, Lich! I give you TIMESTOP ability that only the key carrier may stop.”
    · Lich: “Your will is mine, Lady!” IMAGE FADES
  • Key: Two priestesses of Eilistraee looking down a web tunnel to a dark room with a solitary figure standing in the doorway.
    · Cleric 1: “What creature is that, Sister, that guards the Room of Dark Seclusion?”
    · Cleric 2: “It is a lich, sister, a chaotic good undead lifeform named Amathus Wendyll. He seeks redemption through service to Our Fair Lady.
    · Cleric 1: “But when the Gossamer falls, everything shall be destroyed. Why guard something that is to be destroyed?”
    · Cleric 2: “He guards it UNTIL it is destroyed!”
    · Cleric 1: “Sister ….. what does Our Lady keep in the Room of Dark Seclusion?”
    · Cleric 2 (Silent in contemplation, then): “Quickly, To Arvandor! We make for the Golden Room. Leave thoughts of this place behind you.!
    · Clerics run out of sight. IMAGE FADES
  • Secret: Two female clerics and a male wizard stand on a ledge overlooking a large citadel built on a steep pinnacle of rock. In the distance are sounds of battle and screaming.
    · Cleric 1: “It is the last moment of free Gossamer. The Dark Liches enter now through the Rift of Shadow and the Citadel becomes a place of DEATH! Mage, have you done your work?”
    · Mage: “The memory of Angus Og lies locked in the Orb of Celierre, Hidden in the Top Tower of the Citadel you now survey.”
    · Cleric 1: “And Angus Og?”
    · Mage: “Dead!”
    · Cleric1: “Very well, Mage, go to your Guild and prepare for the Exodus.” MAGE EXITS
    · Cleric 2 (waits for mage to leave): Cleric 2: “Why not just kill Angus Og and be done with it?”
    · Cleric 1: “The prophecy says the memory of Angus Og can never be destroyed.”
    · Cleric 2: ”…and yet Our Lady delivers this thing into the hands of our enemy? Will the Blasphemous Mother not use this thing?”
    · Cleric 1: “She will not! Our Lady has decreed! Do you doubt her?”
    · Cleric 2 drops head in shame: “I do not!”
    · Cleric 1: “Listen! The Summoning Bell. To the Golden Room we travel.” The two clerics exit. IMAGE FADES








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