Information Gathered while in Gossamer in the Demonweb

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This section will be constantly updated. Information also held in Gossamer Information File.

Current Information Gathered…

The Portal of Light is now closed and a major shift has occurred in the Web, changing all web connections.
Gossamer Portal Keys —+3 Scimitars (lesser), Silver Rings or Crescent Pendant (Greater) and +4 Sylvan Scimitar.
Pattern on wall in GREAT HALL of GOSSAMER showing area map is now broken.
There are no portals in the Valley of Light. This place must be entered through the web passages.

Lich Amathus Wendyll cannot be destroyed by the Questors. He guards the Room of Dark Seclusion.
Lich Deriath Fogbane is destined to encounter the Questors but location is unknown
It has been foretold that Deriath Fogbane must be killed for the quest to succeed.
Fogbane knows of the party and that they seek the Key to the Room of Dark Seclusion.
Deriath Fogbane is an expert in all things Shadow. Nimrod says it is too dangerous to approach him through the Shadow Rifts.
Deriath Fogbane and his Shadow Demons have been destroyed by the Questors.
Lich Khelias Darkwhynde runs the Citadel of the Dead.
Amathus guards, Khelias controls Gossamer, Deriath strives to find the KEY.
Undead Drow were created by Lolth and replenished by Khelias Darkwhynde
Khelias Darkwhynde knows you are here. Divine Advice is to avoid contact with him.

Undead Drow of Eillistraee have Daylight Adaptation
Magic Words in the Room of Three Blessings depict the CODE OF CONDUCT of EILLISTRAEE.
Undead drow seem only to be able to use innate drow magic.
Neopriests were once dual-classed with duskblades and can still channel Inflict spells through their scimitars.
They do not appear to be able to cast any other cleric spells but can inflict heavy damage.

The Chains of Gond are being kept in the Room of Dark Seclusion.
The Lich Amathus Wendyll guards the Room of Dark Seclusion but demands a key.
Information about the key to the room of Dark Seclusion can be found in the memory of Angus Og.
The memory of Angus Og has been stored in the Orb of Celierre, in the high tower of the Citadel of the Dead, run by Lolth favoured Lich, Khelias Darkwhynde.
Angus Og has delivered his information and been released by the Questors.

Avoid Lolth’s Cats at all costs.
Lolth will not enter Gossamer but Hammer of Lolth exists in ghost form.
Hammer of Lolth is a known form of Aspect of Lolth.
Lolth has greatly reduced Gossamer and caused a time acceleration so that it will deteriorate and fall into the Soul Fog.

“Look behind” before entering Room of Divine History. Important Clues can be found here.
The Armoury will always be heavily guarded. It is used to replenish Undead Drow patrols.
The Citadel is “on alert.”
Council Chamber contains undead creatures primed to attack the living.
The Webmap in the Great Hall has been destroyed.

Several rifts of shadow exist within Gossamer, one of these intersects with the Highest Tower in the Citadel of the Dead.
Nimrod Zamminor can travel between Rifts using Shadow Walk, and can take the party with him.
The Rifts of Shadow are crucial to Quest Completion.
Rifts of Shadow cover Rooms 6, 8, 15, 16, 17, 18, 23 and 24 and one rift intersects with the High Tower of the Citadel.
Nimrod Zamminor says the REALM of Shadow is very dangerous and must be used for short bursts of travel alone. It cannot be used for “hiding”.

It is foretold in the “Prophecy of Sigil” that the party must “find a dark ally.”
Nimrod Zamminor has been a friend of Gerald Scarfe for many, many years and is his only remaining visitor.
Nimrod Zamminor is a lone fighter against the forces of Lolth.

The Gossamer section of the web is collapsing. There have been two major upheavals in the web – one as you entered, destroying the Portal of Darkness, and another today, destroying the Portal of Light.
The Key to the Room of Dark Seclusion can only be picked up by a shadow creature or a creature with shadow power.
The Questors have three days left in which to find the CHAINS OF GOND. (This is still subject to change depending on certain events.)
The Questors have obtained the KEY TO THE ROOM OF DARK SECLUSION from Deriath Fogbane, now being carried by Nimrod Zamminor.

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