Flight from Gossamer

Amethus the gatekeeper

Baris, Pelius, Aibron and Tippit, aided by dark elf Nimrod Zamminor, have entered the Tower of Lich Deriath Fogbane, destroyed him and his minions and taken the Key to the Room of Dark Seclusion to present to Archlich Amathus Wendyll.

Before reaching the Throne Room of Amathus Wendyll, the party are ambushed by Vampire Mage Shakira, under orders from Archlich Khelias Darkwhynde. She appears to be aided by a standard undead drow patrol but there is another uncorporeal creature with the group – a creature unmet before this time. (See below)

Pelius attempts mass destruction with his turning prowess but is thwarted, as for some reason his turning does not function. With powerful spells soon being cast by the Vampire Mage while her minions bite deep with their powered attacks, the party are soon in trouble. Aibron is Dominated and forced to kill Tippit, but Nimrod grabs the dying cleric and he and Baris the Black are able to make it into the Throne Room of Amathus Wendyll, where the Vampire Mage cannot follow.

Amathus Wendyll accepts the Key to the Room of Dark Seclusion and tells them to hurry, before being whisked away by a Solar that rips through the fabric of the falling web. With the whole of Gossamer tumbling into oblivion, the party use Wind Walk to reach the Room of Dark Seclusion and there find that a monstrous form of the God Vhaeraun is bound by chains too large to move.

While still wondering what to do, a giant foot opens a portal into the place and the form of Pelius from Sigil steps into the room, removes the chains and flees. The party use the Power Word Savandem to extricate the the location of their next Quest from Vhaeraun. He then leaves through the Shadow Realm with Nimrod Zamminor, now revealed as a Shadow Dragon of the Jaezred Chaulssin! Vhaeraun believes he leaves the Questors to their death, but through use of the final Power Word, they are saved and removed from Gossamer before it falls in its entirety into the Demonweb Pits of Lolth!

  • The new creature is a Malcurate, or Antipriest – one of two unique creatures developed by the Archlich Khelias Darkwhynde to protect himself against attacking clerics. The shadow-like creature exudes an aura of anti-turning and uses its fierce claws to rake Wisdom damage upon its foes. Both creatures are destroyed when Gossamer falls.








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