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At the end of the First Test of the Droomalith the Questors will have encountered the god Iuz and used the Power of the Heart of the Dracolich to extricate the location of the next Test and exit the Primordial Temple of Astaroth, co-aligned with Greyhawk, saving the city from imminent destruction.

Iuz has been planning the destruction of Greyhawk for years. His plan was to ally himself with Nerull, using the ancient powers of the Undead and combine this with his own Underdark army which would have attacked Greyhawk through secret underground passages connecting with the Dungeons of Greyhawk.

Iuz put Vayne in charge of setting up the vanguard of the attack to ready the place until General At-ur was ready to lead his four generals into the ruins from the Deep Underdark. Vayne set Balaik Troistan to guard the Vaults of Creation and assemble three giant War Golems to assist the army.

He set up Shyrath, the cleric of Nerull, and her arrow demons to guard the entrance at the Gate of Nerull (a section the Questors avoided by finding the secret teleport chamber). Shyrath hated Balaik Troistan and believed him to be a fool. She knew of the secret teleport chamber but knew that Balaik did not, and used this to spy on him. When she discovered that he had been thwarted by the Questors, she moved to the Halls of Beckoning to convince Lorgaz, hobgoblin cleric of Iuz, to warn Vayne. (Although more powerful than Lorgaz, the hobgoblin outranked her in position.)

Lorgaz was terrified of Vayne and believed Vayne had only allowed him in the chapel to placate Iuz and that Vayne actually wanted him dead. Lorgaz was a feeble, nervous being, who shook all the time except when he was animating Undead. Vayne had given Lorgaz the Bar-Lgura skeletons and ordered him to stay out of the main rooms of the Halls of Beckoning – on pain of death. (At the time the party entered here, Shyrath was trying to convince Lorgaz that they should warn Vayne of the approaching forces.)

Vayne didn’t want many Clerics of Iuz around but he knew it would look suspicious if he had none, so he chose Lorgaz because he was weak and because he could rely on him to obey orders and stay out of the way, so long as he had undead creatures to animate. Vayne knew full well of the power of the Halls of Beckoning and was experimenting with summoning creatures into the chamber. His secret plan was to summon Iuz there himself and trap the God but he was still not quite sure how to do it and was scared to attempt it until he learned more. Although a servant of Iuz, he in fact hated Iuz more than anything in the world.

Iuz had been using Vayne for years, and had already brought him back to life several times to carry on serving him. Iuz did not totally trust Vayne to complete his mission successfully and had placed a very powerful Status effect on him, so that if he died, Iuz would know. When this happened Iuz realised that his trust has been misplaced and so teleported into the Chamber where Vayne was, to personally punish him. However, he did not know that the Heart of the Dracolich was also in the chamber.

When the Primordial Power Word is used, it not only binds Iuz to an honest answer to the Questor’s question, but also activates the Godtrap that has already been set up by Zagyg years ago, and Iuz is trapped once more in the same prison in which he has already spent many years.

The trapping of Iuz has restored a point of balance in the multiverse. It has also been a success for any party members originating from Greyhawk, as without the power of Iuz behind it, the Underdark army will not attack and the friends and families of those Questors will be safe from harm. The party must now complete their SECOND TEST by entering the Primordial Temple of Savandem.

DM Note: The Astaroth section was adapted from a D&D Module based on 5 characters of 11-12th Level. Some adjustments were made but all encounters were within appropriate encounter level except for the Elite Ogres (set at +5 ECL).
Next Section (Savandem) is based on Original Characters at estimated 14th Level.

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First Task Completion

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