Faerun is the main continent on the world of Toril (of the Forgotten Realms). Events in this campaign will take place mainly in The North and on the Island of Lantan to the South in the year 1384.

Most of the central characters have been based in and around Silverymoon since their previous expedition (10 years ago) to the Demonweb Pits to thwart the Council of Demons engineered by Gra’azt and Malconthet and presided over by Lolth.

Silverymoon is based in the Sword Coast Lands of the North in the region known as The Silver Marches. It is the foremost centre of learning and culture in the North, second only to Waterdeep, Faerun’s most populous city about 500 miles to the South West of Silverymoon. Silverymoon’s figurehead is Lady Alustriel, daughter of Mystra, although the day to day governance of the city is administered by the powerful mage, Taern Hornblade.

Lantan is a group of islands near to the Trackless Sea.
Inhabitants are largely human and gnome, and worship the God of Item Creation, Gond.
Gond’s most revered temple is based here (in Sundrah), as is the world famous museum, the High Holy Crafthouse of Inspiration, based in the town of Sambar.

As the third part of the Shimring Quest, through the power of the Heart of the Dracolich, the Primordial Temple of Grneekle has now been cojoined with Lantan in Faerun.

Here are details of Underdark cities that can be set in Faerun or anywhere else. There is little direct relationship to the Shimring Quest, although the Second Task Completion (restoring life to Vhaeraun) is taken into account.

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