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Concise Summary of the Game so far…..

Introduction: Sigil and Wyrmland

Ten years after Demonweb Pits, group reunite in Sigil.

  • Pelius, Grunthy, Zahariel meet Jezrab, Falek, Sugar, Tippit and Keoghen.
  • Arrive in Sigil 1 September 1384 (Faerun) 597 (Greyhawk) 3000 BC (Earth).
  • Meet with Merrick Johnson and Henry the Halfling.
  • Demonpit game in The Styx Oarsmen. Vrocks attack house at Breakfast.
  • Feast held in home. Visit by Dabus, Portal Opens. Pelius picks up 3 entwined chains.
  • Three days of information gathering and supply replenishment before visiting Celestial Eye.
  • Prophesy of Sigil from Celestial Eye outlines quest to Shimring.
  • Encounters in Sigil: Githyanki, Mezzoloths, Protean Scourge.
  • Enter Portal to Wyrmland on 8 September 1384.
  • Encounters: Raptors, Village of Denn: Imbamo Bama.
  • Main encounter: Kapeski the rust dragon and minions defeated.
  • Falek Grange wields Heart of the Dracolich and chooses 3 cards from Deck of Many Things.
  • Characters meet Exarch of Bahamut and fly to Shimring on the back of two Ancient Dragons.
  • ARRIVE IN SHIMRING: 15 SEP 1384. (NB: If Falek Grange chooses to defeat first monster encountered SOLO he will go up a level.)
    Primordial Temples and Cojoined Planes


    Astaroth and Greyhawk

  • Falek Grange is killed by a Sentry Ooze. Tippit becomes the new wielder of the Heart of the Dracolich.
  • Falek is resurrected and the party meet Mordenkainen and retrieve the Obsidian Key to be used to unlock lower sections of the Dungeons in the Tower of Magic.
  • Zahariel ventures into the City of Greyhawk and does not return.
  • Grandfather Magic opens the Dungeons of Greyhawk and the Questors travel to Level Two, defeating two Intellect Devourers.
  • Deeper into the dungeons, multiple entropic enemies attack and the party are ambushed by an elite ogre party. Four characters die but are resurrected and after meeting at the surface hurriedly decide to give chase, trying to win back lost items and damaged pride.
  • Down to Level 4, the questors discover a Nightmare Beast, and after defeating it, are able to rest. They gain much of their lost equipment and make their way down the THE VAULTS OF CREATION! (Falek is now wielder of the Heart)
  • Enter Level 5, The Vaults – Black pudding, scattered Verbeegs, and Gauth succumbing to the Cleric’s Destruction spell. Oh-oh! Is this an Illithid I see before me?
  • Danger looms in Mind Flayer madness but Feeblemind prevails. Singing statue heralds flash arrival as Efreet is killed and Marshall is captured. Massive Duskblade swipe destroys Formorian Giant.
  • Prisoner interrogated, Captain Starlet from Greyhawk arrives, he takes the prisoner and the Obsidian Key, and his rogues find the Secret Door with teleport chamber in Balaik Troistan’s chambers. Traveller and Jezrab enter and the others follow. Jezrab and Traveller find an empty library but decide to group with the other characters and rest in a well furnished room. A Barbed Devil knocks at the door and battle ensues, with Pelius finally killing the creature.
  • Five Bar-Lgura skeletons notched into the belt, followed by peaceful rest, guarded by Captain Starlet.
  • Battles with deadly Arrow Demons and more Bar-Lgura skeletons, rest in magical library, then onwards to open the steel doors and face more Demons and Skeletons.
  • Pelius, Grunthy and Falek leave the campaign. Quintine, Aibron, Kassadin and Sven join the party but Quintine is killed by Demon Arrows in her first round of combat!
  • In the deadly skirmish of the Chapel of the Old and the Dead, many Arrow Demons and Bar-Lgura skeletons are destroyed. Although Tippit and Kassadin are killed, the Questors overcome their enemy. Lorgaz, the hobgoblin Cleric of Iuz is killed but the Cleric of Nerull is brought back to life by the Blessing of Nerull and escapes ahead to warn the Wizard Vayne in the HALL OF BECKONING. Quintine and Tippit are brought to life and the Questors enter the room they have been waiting to find.
  • In the Hall of Beckoning, the Questors first battle with Shyrath (the resurrected Cleric of Nerull), the wizard Vayne and three giant Rutterkins armed with snap-tongs and tri-blades.
  • By a quirk of Divine Fate, Sven disappears and is replaced by Baris the Black. Baris is now new carrier of The Heart of the Dracolich.
  • Vayne is killed. Iuz appears, revives Vayne, banishes him and turns to the Party. Power Word ASTAROTH is used and party learn from Iuz that the Chains of Gond are hidden in Gossamer, in the Demonweb. The Godtrap of Zagyg is activated and Iuz is trapped. The party escape and teleport to Savandem, killing the Guardian there and entering Savandem/Gossamer.

    Three liches

    Savandem and the Demonweb, Gossamer!

  • Party enters Gossamer in the Demonweb through Spider Room. They enter Valley of Divine Light as web snaps behind them. Meet with Gerald Scarfe and travel into the web, encountering an undead Drow Patrol.
  • Entering the Great Hall, the Questors fight a few sporebats and find a map on the wall. They use the portal to travel to the Room of Three Blessings, where they take the Crystal Pendant portal key and fight off a few undead Neopriests.
  • The undead creatures kill Keoghen but the group take the Crescent Pendant to the Valley of Light, where they rest and resurrect Sir Keoghen. They then travel back to the Great Hall to prepare to enter the Armoury.
  • Questors enter the Armoury and confront a Marilith, a Shadow Demon and several undead Drow. Baris succumbs to Drow poison but is saved, Aibron succumbs to Magic Jar and party sustain heavy vile damage but manage to escape with Baris and Aibron with them.
  • Divine Dreams reveal a Portal soon to close so all make their way there, meet with the aspect of Bahamut before revisting the Armoury. After a tough battle all undead drow are destroyed but Vampire Mage commander escapes and Jezrab wanders off, confused, into a Web Tunnel.
  • Jezrab is replaced by Vhaziel and the Questors defeat the Iron Golem and enter the Armoury, finding a hidden treasure trove before moving on to the Room of Divine History.
  • Here, they destroy a Living Blasphemy and see four images of Divine History, giving them much information. After a rest, the Questors enter the Citadel of the Dead.
  • In the main room of the Citadel the Questors are beset with peril, succumbing to protective magic and being attacked by multiple undead Drow led by Vampire Mage Shakira. Keoghen dies and the party retreats.
  • In the Valley of Divine Light, Keoghen is returned via a True Resurrection scroll. The party meet up with Nimrod Zamminor and plan to enter the Citadel again, this time with the aid of Zamminor’s Shadow Walk ability.
  • Party encounter Deathshrieker and trap, retrieve Orb of Celierre and hide in a cave known to Nimrod Zamminor. Quintine and Keoghen are removed from the Quest but Pelius returns. Gidor is killed but is raised by Nimrod Zamminor using a scroll.
  • The party hide in a cave known to Nimrod Zamminor for two days. Keoghen dies and Gidor and Quintine leave the Quest – their time is served. Pelius, Radiant Servant of Pelor returns to the Quest.
  • Pelius, Tippit, Baris, Aibron and Nimrod Zamminor enter the Tower of the Lich, Deriath Fogbande. There they destroy many shadows, two shadow demons and the Lich himself. Nimrod takes the KEY TO THE ROOM OF DARK SECLUSION and the party prepares to meet Guardian Lich Amethus Wendyll.
  • A Drow patrol is waiting at the portal but they are quickly destroyed. With the web beginning to collapse the party travel through the portal but are ambushed by Vampire Shakira and her minions. In the last fight to gain entrance to Amethus’s halls a dominated Aibron and a dead Tippit must be left behind.
  • Baris and Nimrod Zamminor carry the unconscious body of Pelius through to the Throne Room of Amathus Wendyll and present to him the key. He restores Aibron and Tippit and together they run through to the Room of Dark Seclusion.
  • The party release the God Vhaeraun, thereby empowering the Chains of Gond that Pelius holds. The Chains that once held Vhaeraun are taken by the a giant Pelius from the past, reinacting his taking of the chains through the time portal of Sigil, thus both starting and ending the time loop.
  • The Questors are told by Vhaeraun to seek the High Holy Crafthouse of Inspiration on the Islands of Lantan in Faerun, and using the Power Word Savandem, they leave the temple and Gossamer behind.

    Guardian of grneekle

    Grneekle and Lantan, Faerun!

  • After three days’ travel through Shimring, the Questors defeat the Guardian of Grneekle and use the Heart of the Dracolich to cojoin Faerun to Shimring, entering into the town of Sambar in Lantan, Faerun.
  • Aibron Torromson, Baris the Black and Pelius, Radiant Servant of Pelor meet up with Forge, Warforged Artificer, Talia Karmylis, Human Duskblade of Turmish and Faren, Human Bard of Balder’s Gate. A demon is killed, a dragon is avoided and preparations are begun to find the CLIP OF GOND.
  • A thief is apprehended in the Sambar Inn, a veritable feast is had at the residence of Ahab Wrenchfree but on the way home, two Balhannoths attack!
  • The Questors overcome the Balhannoths, receive Divine Dreams during sleep and take a Magical Mystery Tour of the High Holy Crafthouse of Inspiration.
  • The tour of the High Holy Crafthouse of Inspiration reveals the CLIP OF GOND and some of the protective measures in the museum. Faren earns a sheikle as a minstrel until the group are called away to a graveyard to face a nightwalker accompanied by wraiths and two dread wraiths. Pelius is killed by the Nightwalker but restored by Forge using a scroll of True Resurrection. Plans are made for the illegal entry into the High Holy Crafthouse to retrieve the sacred CLIP!
  • At a meeting arranged through the spy SLICK JUMPER, Pelius and his companions defeat a summoned Draegloth Abomination and then later make use of the stars exploding in the sky to programme Dryclutch Makeshift’s GIZMO to open one of the doors of the High Holy Crafthouse of Inspiration!
  • The Questors meet the Drow Taskforce of Eclavdra. A great battle is fought against opposing Questors but the alternative HEART OF THE DRACOLICH is nullified and the CLIP OF GOND is seized.
  • Defeating the Drow Taskforce of Eclavdra, the party take the CLIP and run outside the Crafthouse, where they meet with Gond, God of All Invention. He commands the CLIP to remain, but blesses the CHAINS to enable them and informs the Questors that they must capture the Earth God, SET. With that the party return to Grneekle to prepare for their final Quest on the Isle of Horus.
  • Travelling by Wind Walk to the shores of Shimring, the Questors find a cave in which to hide and are attacked while resting. Gojira is destroyed and Aibron killed. Six Astral Stalkers do battle but the party are aided by the Divine Music and Death Slaadi of Olidammara. Pelius casts his first own True Resurrection spell without a scroll and brings Aibron back to life.

    Anubis by genzoman


  • Using the Carpet of Flying taken from the Astral Stalkers, the party make their way across the sea to the fabled Isle of Horus. There they are greeted by Divinia Scent, Prime Solar of the Droomalith and Guardian of Horus. She congratulates the party on their completed Quests so far and outlines the Final Quest of Horus: to capture the Earth God, Set!
  • Travelling over the land, the group reach the Sacred Oval of Henge and place the HEART OF THE DRACOLICH into the centre of the oval, bringing about an almighty storm as the plane of Horus is cojoined with the plane of Earth, bringing the God, Set, into the vicinity.
  • On seeing the party wielding the CHAINS OF GOND, Set tries to escape to his ship. The party catch him and trap him with the Holy Chains but he calls his minions, Anubis, two Mummy Lords and sixteen Mummies.
  • In the battle between God and Mortal, Aibron, Baris and Faren are killed and Talia Karmylis is confused but Pelius and Forge hold off the angry Anubis until a Divine Ship descends from the Heavens.
  • From out of the ship Sunhillow, six Solars exit and take hold of the captured Set. The Sun God, Ra, calls Anubis back to the ship and blesses the party, resurrecting and healing all stricken members and rewarding them for the completion of the final Shimring quest, before departing back on the ship Sunhillow.
  • All members of the Shimring Quest are rewarded and blessed and transported to the realms of their choice. The Droomalith falls back into sleep, having restrained the chaotic power of the risen Dracolich and the stage is set for the next universal quest.


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