Divine power

And as the Heart of the Dracolich was placed into the Sacred Oval of Henge, it convulsed once more back into life intent on destruction. But the Droomalith, The Uberdeity, was waiting and he grappled with the Dragon Deity to subdue it. So fierce was the power of the Dracolich that the Droomalith could do nothing BUT wrestle with the beast, for the fate of the multiverse now rested on edge of a knife.

In that moment of convulsion that was manifest in an unnaturally potent storm above Horus, the plane was cojoined with Earth, luring the Earthgod Set into the arena. The storm seemed to him as a normal storm of the Earth, but when he saw the group of humanoids carrying the Chains of Gond he knew he had been tricked.

He summoned a Golothoma and ran back to his ship screaming out for help from Anubis. Anubis was not with him but an aspect of the God of The Dead materialised in the headmast of the ship and came to his aid.

But events were in motion now. Once the first CHAIN OF GOND had started to entwine itself around him, Set’s fate was sealed, and now the Sungod RA in his starship SUNHILLOW descended to take the chained God away, leaving the planet Earth free of the direct influence of Gods.

In the Window of the Gods above Horus sat many Gods and their representatives, including the Warding Deities of all the Characters that had taken part in the Quest of Shimring. Honour, power and influence were theirs as reward.

At the end of the Episode, the Droomalith once more ripped the HEART from the Dracolich and placed it in a guarded place in WYRMLAND. With the Dracolich subdued, the Droomalith himself went into slumber and, one by one, the guest deities returned to their realms. The Servants of the Droomalith remained under Divinia Scent and the Great Dragon Deities remained to guard Shimring. The Lady of Pain closed her Portal but kept a small window open on the Universe until the next Quest…..

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