Astral Deva Assignation

Astral Deva, Edgar Maldon, had waited in the halls of assignation in the Library of Lore for nigh on an Angel’s Hour.
Most of his colleagues had been whisked away to their new workplaces during the early session and he was beginning to think that Solar Henry Plantagenet had forgotten about him when the door opened and he was beckoned inside.
Henry: You will be aware that your colleagues have all been given flocks to tend.
Edgar: I am, My Lord.
Henry: As you know, it is the practice that new Devas are given small flocks in lands of Oerth to tend to. Usually, it is small communities, but even so several hundred voices raised in unison of prayer can sometimes be a challenge for a novice Deva.
Edgar: I have been trained in this, My Lord, as have my fellows.
Henry: I am assigning a single man to you, Edgar.
Edgar: As you see fit, My Lord.
Henry: Do you know anything of Shimring, Edgar?
Edgar: Just that it is a world belonging to He they call the Droomalith.
Henry: True, but it is much more than that. It is also a testing ground but one that can have effects over larger parts of the universe. Some would say that it is the most concentrated area of Divine Energy in ALL the universes. We are sending a subject into a mighty quest where he will be joining with a group of Questors seeking to restore balance on a massive scale.
Edgar: The man is blessed, My Lord. What is his name?
Henry: His name is Faren and he is not a cleric, but he will still need guidance. However, there are rules in Shimring that will restrict your powers.
Edgar: My Lord?
Henry: Your vision will be restricted. You will have no direct access. You can never enter physically. In fact, your only contact will be through the subject’s dreams. Are you ready for this.
Edgar: I am, My Lord.
Henry: Then I pronounce you Warding Deity of Faren, the Battle Sorcerer. And here is the Book of Toril.
Edgar: Toril, My Lord?
Henry: A new world with which you are not familiar. He is there now, but he will soon also be in Shimring.
Edgar: I don’t understand.
Henry: Read this Scroll of Shimring. You will understand when you reach the section on cojoined planes. And Edgar….
Edgar: Yes, My Lord.
Henry: Don’t be too upset if your subject dies. He enters an extremely dangerous world.
Edgar: I will do my best to guide him, My Lord, and to receive him, if he dies.
Henry: But do not accept him if he is not ready.
Edgar: He can be restored to life?
Henry: If you deem it fitting. But you cannot yourself enter the land. True Resurrection only.
Henry: You have the power. Now run along. You have much to read and understand.
Edgar: Thank you, My Lord.

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Astral Deva Assignation

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